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The reviews are in, and here's what the avid peacock bass crowd and other outdoor-loving reviewers have to say!

Larry: The benefits of belonging to PBA are of tremendous value. Each newsletter has the most recent news about the world of peacock bass fishing. Each issue contains valuable information regarding the best lodges, transportation tips, latest news on tackle, etc. You do not find this information in subscription fishing magazines. Larry has first hand knowledge of how things work in the Amazon. He is in constant touch with the best operators and travel agencies. He gathers informative reports from members regarding recent trips. I have found the PBA website www.peacockbassassociation.com to be a source of tremendous information. In the "fishing forum" section, members discuss recent fishing trips, current water levels and practically everything you can imagine about peacock bass fishing. Also on the website is information on last minute deals on trips and help with flights, hotels, maps, visas, etc. Having been a seasoned peacock bass angler for over 18 years, I am constantly learning new information on peacock bass fishing by reading each newsletter and by reading the various sections on the website. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in becoming a better peacock bass angler, join PBA and your catch rate will increase greatly!! Sincerely, Bob Daly

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Hi Larry: Congratulations on the video. Found the footage to be superb. It was very precise Peacock bass fishing - DVDand easy to comprehend. A subtitle to the video should be "Peacock 101". Boy, we sure have come a long way in peacock bass education, thanks to you and the Peacock Bass Association. I remember the old days in the early 90's fishing Venezuela's Lake Guri. Back then, practically no one even heard of a peacock bass. Sure wish your educational information was available back then. Believe a good idea would be for lodge clients to watch the video before setting out for fishing. Also, would be very helpful in transferring the video to Portuguese so it can be more or less used as a guide training "guide". Peacock fisherman, rookies and veterans, would be foolish not to purchase the video along with the informative books. I am 100% confident all will increase their knowledge on how to catch giants. After spending thousands of dollars in search of giant peacocks, spending a few dollars to increase your knowledge is priceless. It will increase the odds of catching giants. I am already looking for your next video!! Bob D.

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Larry, My 8 year old son Gabe and I just finished watching your new video Master's Secrets to Peacock Bass Fishing. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I had always told him that when he got 14-16 he could go with me but now he thinks 10 is old enough! This is a must see for the first timer and the veteran Amazon fisherman. I have spent over 1,000 hours on Peacock Bass water and even though I know a lot of the secrets and tips on this video, the refresher course in techniques to catching BIG PB I found to be very educational and informative. I have had the pleasure of fishing in the same boat with you and have seen your successful fishing methods first hand. I will definitely review this video a few more times before I leave for Brazil in a couple of months. The number of fish on film exploding on surface lures is worth the price of admission.  Great Video Larry!!! - Greg T.

Dear Larry, I finally received my PBA kit and the DVD the last week. I just have a word for the DVD... FANTASTIC!!! We are setting up all the required stuff to arrange a travel to Amazonas state, and this video triggered the rest of our club members to prepare for the trip. Sincerely yours, Gerardo M.

Hi Larry  I thought the vidio was great. It was very informative on how to target giant peacock bass. Full of great tactics. The action shots are very inspiring; while we are waiting for the next season to get here. I think it's a great vidio for all peacock bass anglers. Lance C.

Hi Larry, the DVD arrived today. Well done! I checked it out and got some interesting tips, so many thanks. Steve T.

Hi Larry, I received my order yesterday and everything came in fine shape.  I have already started to read your book and last night I viewed your new tape.  I enjoyed it very much and I saw a lot of what you discussed in our day on the water together. My experiences (over 13 years) very much support what you preach in the film. Great job! - Nelson B.

"Don't watch Larry Larsen's new video on peacock bass fishing unless you're ready to spend the money for a trip to Brazil. Larsen's video is an excursion into catching one of the world's greatest gamefish in the vast Amazon Basin. The entertaining video is loaded with information about peacock bass, and serves as a perfect preview for anyone planning a trip below the equator. Larsen reveals the difference between looking for small peacocks and finding the teeners and shows some great footage of fish up to 20 pounds exploding on large, noisy topwater plugs. Perhaps the most prolific writer on peacock bass with four books and 120 magazine articles, Larsen gives instruction for dealing with outfitters and guides and how to get the most out of a trip." - Del Milligan, Outdoors Editor, Lakeland Ledger, August 19, 2005

 "Viewers will learn Larry's seven tactics and 12 secrets for catching more and bigger peacock bass. This instructional video is loaded with tricks and tips from the internationally recognized expert angler who has caught over 1,700 peacock bass weighing from 10 to 25 pounds!" - Outdoors Unlimited, August '05

Peacock bass fishing - DVD Cover"This new instructional video is the most comprehensive and detailed work ever produced on the explosive peacock bass. During his more than 60 trips chasing peacock bass, Larsen has discovered and developed skills that can help any angler achieve maximum success on big fish." Southeast Outdoor Press, August '05


"Viewers will learn tactics and secrets for catching South America's most exciting fish, the peacock bass. The 42 minute comprehensive video in both DVD and VHS format is entertaining and educational." American Travel Writer News, July 16, 2005

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