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 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

Terms & Conditions - Supporting Membership

Supporting Members are expected to act professionally and adhere to a high code of ethics when dealing with individual members/clients and other PBA Supporting Member operations. The Supporting Memberships are valid for one year and Contact Listing remains on the site for the one-year term.  Only those Supporting Members paying the fee for the site placement may make changes to the text. PBA allows minimal changes twice per year at no additional cost. Other changes are $50 per site each time.

NOTE: Outfitters may not eliminate an agent who has paid the Add-On Annual Fee unless they agree to reimburse the agent the appropriate pro-rated fee amount.  An agent, however, can remove his contact information from an operation page if he no longer sells the trip. PBA will not make refunds of membership dues when agent/outfitter relationships change, nor is PBA responsible for the accuracy of the contact information as listed on the individual destination pages.

The outfitter or "on-site" fishing operation will have first choice of participating. If they decline or are unavailable/unreachable, U.S. and foreign booking agents for the outfitter will be offered the opportunity to participate on an exclusive basis for that particular location/site. Only one Destinations/Operations Sheet will be included for an individual site or individual operation. (In other words, any destination will be presented only on one sheet. If the outfitter participates, he may at additional cost have up to four additional contacts listed.  If the outfitter declines, and an agent signs up for the site, he will be the only contact listed). Other booking agents will not be allowed to offer the same destination, nor be shown as the contact for that destination, but they can participate in Part 3 of the directory. Multi-operations and boats fishing multi-locations may have multi web pages.

Those operations participating in Part 1 and Part 2 will be allowed to offer special sales opportunities (such as "2 for 1", 25% off, "Last Minute Deals", etc.) to the membership through the  newsletter "The World of Peacock Bass" .

Logo Use

Supporting Members are able to utilize the PBA logo with the words "Supporting Member" beneath on their website and in literature while membership at this status is maintained. Peacock bass fishing - For More Information Click HereUnauthorized use by non-members will not be allowed. Agents, outfitters, industry product manufacturers and service providers joining as supporting members will be emailed a copy of this logo for their web page use, and/or may download this one if it is more convenient.

To copy this logo for use on your website or brochures/flyers, simply right-click on the logo with your mouse. Then in the window that opens up, click on "Save Picture As" and then select the drive where you want to save it. The digitized logo can then be added to your web page and brochures/flyers.

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