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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

Thank you for visiting Peacock Bass Association.  We hope you will consider joining as a member and receiving our insider tips/newsletter. Enjoy this sample of one of our previous newsletters, with our compliments.

The World of Peacock Bass

Sample Issue

Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association
© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:  

  1. $25,000 Give-Away in Trip Incentives
  2. TAM Airline New Flight Schedule
  3. New Peacock Bass Spinning Reels Introduced
  4. Indian Fishing Permits Signed
  5. Fishing Tip: Quick Strips On The Fly
  6. Peacock Bass Country Weather Report
  7. Last Minute Deal on B.W. Explorer
  8. New QuesTackle Catalog Features New Lures
  9. Fishing Tip: Productive Casting Secrets
  10. Water Levels Going Up and Down
  11. New Bolivian Visa Requirements
  12. We Get Mail (El Nino Pattern in Play For Early Season, Video In The Jungle, Lure Help For First Trip, 14 K Gold Peacock, Peru Payara On The Fly, Heard of Central American Peacocks?)

Peacock Bass Association Trip Discount Certificate1. TAM$25,000 Give-Away in Trip Incentives!  Take advantage of a substantial discount on your next trip to South America! Several PBA Supporting Member Agents and Outfitters are once again extending some fantastic offers to those signing up for (or renewing their membership with) our 3-Year PBA Executive Individual Membership and they've upped the ante! How does $250 off your next trip sound? Can you say, "Blackwater Explorer Yacht, River Plate Fly-In Floating Camp, Amazon Santana, Santana I, Captain Peacock Expeditions, Amazon Adventurer and Amazon Fringe Trips"? All PBA members can take advantage of this offer by extending your membership now or when you renew (most will renew in December). To do so, you simply sign up for the 3-Year Executive Individual Membership for just $129.95. You'll receive 3 years of PBA eZines and benefits AND one $250 Trip Discount Certificate which is valid at your choice of one of the 11-plus participating operations/destinations. From our Certificate participants, you'll be able to choose from more than 8 yachts/houseboats and 9 camps/lodges in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela. Certificate Value: One $250 Trip Discount Certificate per member issued with serial number and PBA authorized signature. (Note: To further maintain control of appropriate certificate usage, all participating PBA Supporting Members will be supplied with the name and address of the Individual Certificate holders.)  Booking Procedure: Participating Supporting Members will schedule and confirm an individual certificate holder's trip at the time of booking the reservation and honor the $250 discount off their current price for that specific week. Note: (This offer cannot be combined with other special offers. All participating Supporting Members have agreed to do so for the 3-year period specified, and I hope all members appreciate their generosity!). To enroll NOW in the 3-year Executive Individual Membership (Certificate program) and renew your dues, click here!

2. TAM Airlines New Flight Schedule - TAM airlines is changing their departure and arrival times for their roundtrip Miami/Manaus Brazil flights starting on February 16, according to sources. Until February 16, Saturday , TAM will continue to depart Miami at 5:15 pm and arrive in Manaus at 11:20 pm. It will return from Manaus at 11:50 am and arrive in Miami at 4:00 pm (all local times). Starting on February 17, Sunday, TAM will then depart Miami at 6:15 pm (one hour later) and arrive in Manaus at 20 minutes after midnight. The return flight from Manaus to Miami leaves at 12:50 pm and arrives in Miami at 5:00 pm in the afternoon.

Shimano Stradic3. New Peacock Bass Spinning Reels Introduced By Shimano - Our members are sometimes interested in spinning reels for peacock bass, and PBA Supporting Member Shimano has introduced some larger size spinning reels in 2008 that will foot the bill nicely. The new Stradic FI Series reels in 4000 and 5000 sizes offer new technology that won the "Best New Freshwater Reel" award in the recent Tackle Trade Show (ICAST ) New Product Showcase in Las Vegas. Shimano's reel development team spent nearly three years coming up with new spinning innovations: Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System and the Aero Wrap II Oscillation System, according to media contact John Mazurkiewicz.  The Propulsion Line Management System also includes the SR-Concept One-Piece Bail wire to reduce friction and tangles, a twist-reducing Power Roller III line roller, a bail trip mechanism that easily trips the bail by turning the handle, and Shimano's S-Arm Cam. Their Aero Wrap II Oscillation System provides uniform line lay and winding shape. The 4000FI and 5000FI are constructed with an aluminum frames, graphite sideplates and rotors and aluminum spools. For more information on the reels, including gear ratio, line capacity and handle grip shape specifications, visit their website at www.shimano.com or see your local dealer.

Fishing grounds4. Indian Fishing Permits Signed - Rod & Gun Resources Inc. and River Plate Anglers have announced they have exclusive and extensive fishing rights permits with Brazil's Tenharin Indians, a large Amazon group of villages in the Madeira River systems, tributaries and headwater streams. "For the first time, we are able to fish several of these remote waters that have never been sport fished by Americans before," says JW Smith, co-owner of Rod & Gun. "This is exciting news that will allow us to take clients into areas of the Amazon jungle that are teeming with wildlife. On my initial visit, I saw the largest caiman I have ever seen and more birdlife than at any other place. I saw deer swimming in the river and a 25-foot anaconda, only the second anaconda that I have ever seen after numerous trips in the Amazon." For more information, contact JW Smith, Rod & Gun Resources, at 800-211-4753 or email him at venture@rodgunresources.com.

5. Fishing Tip: Quick Strips On The Fly -  For fly fishermen interested in peacock bass, Guy Schoenborn, a PBA Supporting Member and owner of Fishing With Larry offers the following tips on stripping, "counting down" and the use of multiple rods. "I have three 9-weight fly rods rigged in the boat at all times, one with a Teeny T -200 flyline, one with a Teeny T-300 and one with a floating or short sink-tip line," he says. "The floating line or short sink-tip is for use with poppers or for peacocks in ultra shallow water or mossy areas. The T-300 line is for fishing the deeper waters of lagoons and lakes where peacocks may be along the bottom, often 10 to almost 20-foot deep. I use the T-200 flyline about 70 to 80% of the time. It's less work and requires less effort over the course of a day because you'll make lots of casts. The big trick with the Teeny T-200 Fly fishing tipsor Teeny T-300 is to use a count-down retrieve technique and start counting as soon as fly hits the water. Usually you are casting towards the shoreline and should quickly strip up any slack so your line is taut." Guy further explains his tactics. He suggests "playing games" with different retrieves while working this count system into every cast. That way, you'll know the depth of takes and develop a relationship with the bottom, according to the expert fly angler. "You'll do best with long fast strips," he continues . "Quite often I'll retrieve five or six quick strips and then stop for a six count before retrieving again. You normally can do this twice per cast. The Teeny T series, along with other brands of 20 to 24-foot heads, sink about 1/2 foot per second. It's not unusual when fishing lakes or lagoons to have your best success for big peacocks come after an initial count of 20 to 24 before retrieving." For those fly fishermen interested in more info, Guy has a 40-page booklet, "Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass" available. For price and details, contact him at Fishing With Larry at 1-800-205-3474.

Peacock Bass Association weather Reports6. Peacock Bass Country Weather Report - You'll now find a new, helpful addition to the PBA website: the Weather Report for Barcelos, Brazil including a 10-day forecast. Check it out on our home page today and plan for tomorrow's trip. Our plans are to add more towns shortly, such as Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela; Autazes, Brazil and Miami, FL, in our popular peacock bass fishing areas around the world. If you have a favorite, let us know.


Last Minute Deal on B.W. Explorer

A rare opportunity from PBA Supporting Member Amazon Angling, LLC is a $1,000 off deal on the new Amazon Black Water Explorer for up to 3 anglers. "I have had three people from the UK cancel a trip and I will apply their "lost" deposits of $1000 each to three last minute bookings." a rep explains. "If any PBA members want to go to the Amazon and book this trip (normally $3850) for just $2850, contact us immediately. The departure date is October 25 with return on November 3. Everyone will have a private air-conditioned room with their own private bath." Tackle is provided at no additional cost, but international airfare round trip will be an additional $1100 or so, according to AA. For more information on this great opportunity, go to www.amazonangling.com or give them a call at 800-521-0072.

Peacock Bass - Quest Tackle8. New QuesTackle Catalog Features New Lures - The new QuesTackle catalog is just back from the printer, according to Judith Weible, Managing Director. The 52-page, full-color catalog features 16 new peacock bass lures, Amazon Grade clothing and just about everything else you can imagine to outfit an Amazon angling adventure. "You will find new Rippers, new flies, subsurface sensations, soft plastics and spoon-size superstars," she says. "If you would like to get one of the new catalogs, please give us a call and we'll rush one right out to you." You'll find that the entire catalog is interspersed with "Priming for Peacock Bass & Payara" hints and tips. Weible notes that we should pay careful attention to page 46. (Guess I'll have to order one to see what is there.-LL) The QuesTackle website has been reorganized by category (such as topwater lures) rather than just by brand to make shopping a lot easier, she also points out. You may visit their website at www.questackle.com to order one of the new catalogs or call 1-888-891-3474.

5TipPic9. Fishing Tip: Productive Casting Secrets - Here are a couple of great tips for improving your catch when fishing Amazon tributaries from J.W. Smith, a PBA Supporting Member and co-owner of Rod & Gun Resources. "Many of our fisheries have clear to light tea-colored water, and I feel that it's important in these waters to make long casts, away from the boat," he says. "Big fish are aware of the boat. If you can see them, they can see you. A second sight fishing tip is that sometimes a (very productive) cast is to throw the lure or fly about two or three feet behind a big peacock bass. That fish will often turn and strike!" For more information email J.W. at venture@rodgunresources.com.

HIgh Waters10. Water Levels Going Up and Down - We have had a lot of postings on the PBA Forum about the water levels in the Amazon Basin over the past month. Several operators called off their trips during most of January due to the rapid level increases in late December. Many have just started them back up this week as some tributaries have fallen rapidly and are again fishable. Much of the big water is still high but falling. There has not been any rain in the upper Rio Negro watershed in the past 10 to 20 days and that is promising for the months of February and March. My wife and I were caught in the high waters the week before and fishing was tough indeed (with the exception of a fair amount of 20-pound plus fish). As always, my biggest fish of the week, a 21 pounder, is shown in the "Larry's Log" section of the PBA website along with brief info on that most recent trip. I believe that by the time you are reading this issue, the fishing should be very good again most everywhere unless extensive rain visits the watershed prior to that. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

11. New Bolivian Visa Requirements - PBA members should be aware of new visa requirements for American citizens entering Bolivia as tourists. The Bolivian government has announced that U.S. citizens seeking to enter Bolivia as tourists must obtain an entry visa. An unofficial translation of a diplomatic note received by the U.S. Embassy from the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (National Immigration Service) describes the procedures for U.S. citizens applying for Bolivian tourist visas at Bolivian international airports and other ports of entry.

  1. Bolivian VisaThe sworn statement for visa application form
  2. A passport valid for six months
  3. Hotel reservation or invitation letter
  4. Photocopy of roundtrip ticket or travel itinerary
  5. Economic solvency
  6. Payment of $100 visa issuance fee
  7. International yellow fever vaccination certificate

For further definition of these requirements, visit the webpage: http://bolivia .usembassy.gov/wm11302007.html.  Additional information about this visa requirement will be on the US Embassy's website at http://bolivia.usembassy.gov.


We Get Mail

Here are some of the short emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

El NinoEl Nino Pattern in Play For Early Season - "The fall peacock bass season has begun with a faster-than-normal drawdown of waters in the southern Amazon. This is typical during years in which the El Nino climate pattern is dominant in the western Hemisphere. The trend appears to bode well for peacock bass anglers. At present our camp/boat operators are anticipating fishable levels through most of the season, with the occasional "hiccup" of quickly rising waters in some of the Rio Negro tributaries. While FishQuest has scattered open slots throughout the season, airlines serving Manaus and Caracas are already heavily booked during the peak December -January period. The few seats that are available are typically commanding higher airfares, so if you're going to the Amazon and haven't booked your flights, it's time to get moving." - G.S. of FishQuest

Video DVDVideo In The Jungle -  "Dear Larry: I was at the beautiful and very shallow Athauai River (near the mouth of the Paduari River) in the upper Rio Negro area last week when I was invited to dinner on a small Brazilian-operated fishing boat called Angatu. They had a small generator and just one little TV hooked up to a DVD player. Guess which DVD they played and asked me to translate? When I told them that I was your friend and showed them my book (Peacock Bass Explosions) with your autograph, they could not believe it. They asked me how a "gringo" could know so much about peacock bass. By the way, the DVD was not a pirated copy. Take care my friend," Kadu M.

"Hi Kadu, Thanks for the interesting email. I appreciate knowing about such a rare find in the jungle. You just never know where the books or DVD will pop up. Hope the "catch-and-release" sportfishing theme of my books and videos impact all the Brazilians. Sharing knowledge is what I have been trying to do for 38 years as an outdoor writer and your help with the translation should help others learn what a valuable sportfish the peacock bass is. Take care," - Larry

Lure Help For First Trip -  "Larry, I have been member for three years, and I just sent in my dues for next year. Please help me. I am going on one of the floating barge trips with a friend in early January. I have never fished Peacock Bass before, so please direct me to a list of baits that I must Plughave for the trip. Thank you," Ron S.

"Hi Ron, Just got back from Brazil and a barge camp. Caught 23 over 10 pounds all on topwater tail-spinner lures. I would take 4 giant topwater prop baits (6 1/2 - 7 inches long, fire tiger, black/orange and clown colors), 4 to 6 other topwater tail-spinner lures that are 5 1/2 to 6 inches long, such as Timber Turbines and Pavon Props, 8 - 12 good jigs with heavy hooks, 6 Yozuri minnowbaits (with 3x or 4x heavy hooks replacing the factory ones and a couple of large spoons. Golf gloves for your hands will save you a lot of blisters, cuts and sun damage. Why not put up a post on the forum and ask others for their opinions. They will have them! You can also do a search for lure comments on the forum. We have a category also on tackle suggestions/comments: http://www.peacockbassassociation .com/forum/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=24b4ac2ddfb514bdc414b7776853e5a0 Your booking agent/outfitter should have a list of recommended lures which has been fine-tuned over many years in business. Also visit our Products and Services section of our World Peacock Bass Directory for the four (4) PBA online stores that offer lures at our Products Directory Page. There you will find another 5 or 6 manufacturers of lures and tackle with their contact information as well. All offer quality products for peacock bass fishermen. The tendency for most anglers on their first trip is to take too much stuff. Don't be afraid to ask some of your group's anglers to borrow a hot bait. Most peacock bass chasers are great people who won't mind loaning you something not in your tackle bag. Best of luck to you." Larry

14 K Gold Peacock -  "Larry this question and comment came in from a client last week. He asked if this was a different peacock (species) or just a color pigment (abomination). He also mentioned that the fish was actually 14 K gold in color. It weighed 21.4 pounds on a digital scale." A. S.

"Hi A.S., I have seen a few fish with similar color schemes/patterns (up to a 13 pounder). This is the largest of any (sporting such a combo). I kind of think it is an intergrade (cross between 2 species). It has the pattern of two or more different species. I have seen a few fish with what looks to be a fungus on the side which can distort the pattern to something similar. Don't know if this was more of a fungus-based pattern/color scheme or not. That's my best guess.  Have a big fish day!" Larry

Peru Payara On The Fly "Hi Larry, I thought that I would let members know about a nice place that I have for Payara. It is especially good for fly fishermen. Should they need more info they can visit my website at www .sportfishingperu.com. Also, I wanted to ask you if I can use your PBA logo on our website? Be in touch with you. Best Regards," Marcel G.

 "Hi Marcel, Yes as a Supporting Member you may add our logo to your site. Most of our supporting members have our PBA logo Peru Payaraon their pages to show that they are affiliated with the only professional association on peacock bass. If you hard link the PBA logo on your site to our home page, then we will hard link your website mention in our Contact List to your website also. Click here to go to our Supporting Members page, go down to the logo, right click on it and "save picture as" to a file that you can then copy and paste onto your website. Then put it up on your site and make sure the link works. Let us know once you have it up. Take care," Larry

Heard of Central American Peacocks?  - I get emails from lots of people like Deborah G., who wrote, "We are planning a trip to Belize. Are there any peacock bass in the rivers 7CentralAmthere? Thank you!" I've been queried numerous times about their presence in all Central American countries and Mexico. I have to reply, "No, only in Panama in Central America. The word of this exciting fish is out and the sheer number of inquiries that I now receive proves that. Today, our PBA website is getting about 20 times the number of hits that we received just two years ago as further testimony that many sportsmen and women have heard of peacock bass now. Wouldn't it be great if a couple of Central American countries would stock the speckled peacock bass (Cichla temensis) in their remote, warm waters?



The New CLUB CONCIERGE for-Members-Only service is available to provide helpful information via web links. PBA members with internet access can Click here to access CLUB CONCIERGE.  Remember, this is a members-only page, and it is not be accessible from other pages on our site.

All members are encouraged to email eZine/Newsletter Feedback/Comments by clicking here or send me letters about news, issues and topics. Only signed e mails are considered. PBA will not publish material/letters that are libelous in nature or testimonials. Permission to reprint from The World of Peacock Bass Newsletter must be obtained from PBA.


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