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River Fishery Cycles

PasimoniMother Nature's Natural Cycle Refreshes

The natural cycle that refreshes most watersheds annually helps to invigorate a fishery.

"This season, we were pleasantly stunned to note that just six weeks into the season, our two river camps logged an incredible 63 peacocks weighing 20 pounds or more," FishQuest Director Scott Swanson told me. "Optimal fishing conditions certainly contributed, as no doubt did our anglers' and guides' skills. However, my own theory is that the spike in 20 -pounders had more to do with another factor altogether: availability of forage!"

Swanson went on to explain that two years of abnormally high water flooded the forests for months beyond normal seasonal levels. That, he contends, allowed baitfish species to eat, drink and be merry and spawn. Then river levels 1Pasimonibegan dropping rapidly, draining many of the lagoons, and moving countless tons of baitfish into concentrated river areas.

"The peacock bass found themselves with a veritable banquet of baitfish for much of the fishing season," he says. "As they gorged, fish that might have weighed 17 to 19 pounds in a normal season were now easily topping the 20-pound mark. It's clear from older pavon grande photos, that the classic Pasimoni peacock typically has a big head but lean body. Not so after this year's buffet. This was the year of the big shouldered, all-beef Pavon."

The lesson here for peacock veterans is to take heart during high-water conditions. knowing that they are part of a long-term natural cycle. It should refresh and replenish the Amazon's sportfishing rivers.

Editor's Note: Tips reprinted with permission from PBA's "The World of Peacock Bass" monthly eZine.

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