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Trip Planning Factors

     Trip PlanningPlanning a trip to encounter perhaps the angler's most exciting fish ever is a task not to be taken lightly.  Traveling to exotic destinations in search of the exciting Peacock Bass is relatively easy in today's world of fast jets and boats.  The preliminary decisions a traveling Peacock Bass fisherman will have to make are where to go and when to go.

     Where to go may depend a lot on whether you want to experience the far reaches of civilization, where Indians rule the rivers and lakes and where you may stretch across a hammock each evening and drop mosquito netting to keep out the insects, or you want to have some comforts of home while catching your quarry.  Other selection criteria will depend on the size available in waters/countries and the time of year available for the trip.

     The timing of a successful trip is critical, and the consideration of such should be perhaps the most important parameter in the selection process. Great locations are prime only during certain times or seasons of the year, so the traveling angler should have a fairly flexible vacation schedule to take advantage of the "seasonal opportunities" in the different regions of South America. 

     The traveling sportsman can fish peacocks during the prime "dry season" almost year around because of various outfitter locations and their mobility. Many operations can move from one watershed to another in order to access the best possible fishing at that time.  The ability to adjust to current water and weather conditions makes the difference between a productive or non-productive fishing venture.

     Plan tripMany adventurous anglers travel to fish interesting, remote areas and care less about gourmet food and an exquisite atmosphere.  In fact, much of the very best fishing action are in locations that are difficult to access and where great lodges or fixed accommodations are non-existent.  Often new areas that are undeveloped commercially open up to great fishing with a spartan camp setup.  The demand for such wilderness experiences, even those sporting a hefty price tag, is often tremendous.

     Who has the best trip?  No single trip will meet everyone's needs.  Some booking agents have just one or two trips and will try to sell you on such, but it may not be the right one for you.  They may not meet your time needs, facility needs or species preference. A good operation will not just try to conform everyone to the same mold.

     In your evaluation of the various options, it would be wise to research all opportunities, such as those in our Peacock Bass Directory.  Study the market so that you can make an informed decision.

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