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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The Peacock Bass Library  

  The Peacock Bass Library is a wealth of information that any traveling angler should enjoy.  There's lots of information for sportsmen who may be planning to visit an exotic destination in search of any type of outdoor activity.  Check out the contents of the books below.

Peacock Bass Fishing Books by Larry Larsen Peacock bass fishing - Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing book


"PF3 - Peacock Bass Addiction"

INTRODUCTION - Peacock Bass Addiction

  •      The 12 Step Program
  •    What This Addiction Is All About
  •    The Tempting Thugs
  •    The Booking "Junkies"

1   Rumble In The Roraima Jungle

  • Aggression Beyond Belief
  • Pack-In Escapes
  • Wild Beginnings
  • Name Change Waters
  • The Eyes Watching Us
  • Ecotur Park Lodge
  • Below And Above The Action

2   The Queen's Rites of The Rainforest

  • Big Fish Tally
  • End Of Season Battle
  • Low Water Tactics
  • Amazing Giant Fish Production
  • Spawning Times
  • Sight Fishing Post-Spawners
  • The Rio Negro Lodge

3   Acrobatics On The Rio Sao Benedito

  • World Record Fish
  • Firecracker Dispositions
  • Salto Thaimacu Isolation
  • Accessing The Excitement
  • In Harmony With Nature

4   Clippin' Along With Raw Power

  • Surface Bite
  • Unique Sightings
  • Jawbone Action
  • Dangerous Liaisons
  • Getting There And Set Up
  • The Amazon Is A Big Deal

5   Jufari Hi-Jinks

  • Secrets Revealed
  • Friends Join In The Bounty
  • Jungle Atmosphere
  • Safari Camp
  • On The Move

6   Ventuari Vitals

  • Rockbound Gardening
  • Seasonal Satisfaction
  • Oasis of Comfort
  • Rocky Rollicks

7   Peruvian Treasures

  • Maranon Missions
  • Tiger Tracks
  • Napo Cochas
  • Yavari Yarns
  • Timing The Bite
  • Night Nature Walks/Other Interests

8   The Mysterious Xingu

  • Fifth World Peacocks
  • Multi-Specie Strikes
  • Frontier Settlement Selection
  • "The Land Where No One Walks"
  • A Blastin' Good Time

9   Venezuela's Ranch Land Lakes

  • Timber Testimony
  • Prime Lunker Habitat
  • Birthday Bass
  • Time-Limited Action

10  Worldly Locations For Action

  • Florida Peacocks Up Close
  • Hawaii's Hula Peacock
  • Lago Balbina And Rio Tupana
  • Other Brazilian Discoveries
  • Venezuela's Pasimoni Activity
  • Lake Guri Hangs On

11  Tucurui & Other Northeast Brazil Hotspots

  • Tournament Time
  • Stressing Catch-And-Release
  • Pristine Para State
  • Tucurui & Tributaries
  • Central Amazon Lakes Region
  • Tapajos/Trombetas Tributes

12  Mato Grosso Gold

  • Piraputanga Passions
  • Golden Gospel
  • Peacock Possibilities
  • Water, Water, Everywhere
  • World's Biggest Ecological Sanctuary
  • World's Largest Tournament

13  Battles Won And Lost

  • Catastrophic Cavort
  • Equipment Examinations
  • Line Up For Action
  • Physical Shortcomings
  • Mental Lapses
  • Catch-And-Release

14  Range/Seasonal Movements

  • The Amazon's Rainy Season
  • The Amazon's Dry Season
  • Critical Water Conditions
  • Seasonal Calendar

15  Tackle/Equipment Considerations

  • Luring Thoughts
  • Prime Places
  • Bank On Them
  • Planning Ahead
  • Equipment For The Expedition
  • Travel Tips

16  Top Fly Action Advice

  • Garrett's Brycon
  • The Peacock Deceiver
  • Flash-Tail Whistler
  • Ariramba Fly
  • Optimal Success

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