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 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

Giant Peacock Bass - Larry LarsenBooks & Merchandise

How and Where the Pros Catch Giant Peacocks! You are investing thousands of dollars on your trips. Here is how to make them more successful!

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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing
PF4 - Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing -
by Larry Larsen (ISBN 0-936513-53-5)

Readers will learn about the differences in the tributaries and why some are much better than others for peacock bass fishing. Each chapter is based on a specific experience and tactics at a location in the Basin or the Operation that handled the trip. Readers will learn tactics for "fry balls", "piranha bursts", post-rain, shallow and clear waters, "dolphin encounters", large lagoons, sandbar drops, walk-ins, "teener" schoolers, sight fishing, laydowns, storms, channels, irregular shorelines, topwater trolling, mid-lagoon haunts, "team" fishing, river bars and pools, "fly-outs" and flood stage waters. Readers will also learn about lure modifications, lure cadence and rhythm to make them the most effective in any peacock bass location! button

PF3 - Peacock Bass Addiction Peacock Bass Addictions - $19.95
by Larry Larsen (ISBN 0-936513-49-7)

Learn how to catch America's greatest gamefish, the peacock bass, with the latest tips on where, when and how, including range/seasonal movements, fly fishing tips, battle tips and newly-discovered top locations in the world. Comprehensive tackle/equipment recommendations, and Larsen's secrets to finding the most productive habitats in the most productive lagoons for giant peacock bass are presented. Don't waste your valuable time learning on the water!  This book and the other two have all the information you need. Check out the Table of Contents here!

Quality Peacock Bass Decals and Beautiful Limited Edition Prints
Show off your involvement in America's greatest fresh water gamefish.

Limited Edition Prints - These beautiful paintings, individually numbered and personally signed by the artists, are also available while quantities last. These collector's items are suitable for framing and are very decorative for any room in the home or office.

Peacock Bass painting - Addiction print Peacock bass painting - ExplosionsLEP1 Explosions - $48.00 (pictured left) Limited Edition Print by renown marine watercolorist, Beverly Thomas, of the beautiful painting of the seven peacock bass side profiles (species and color variations) in its original size of 11" x 11" are available.

LEP2 Addiction - $48.00 (pictured right) The beautiful painting of the peacock bass feeding on piranha by accomplished artist George Liska, available in 11" x 14" size. button

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Peacock Bass Association Logo - For More Information Click HereDECAL - $9.00  (4 per order) The striking 3-inch diameter, full color Peacock Bass Association decals are printed on high quality vinyl for maximum durability. Sold only in quantities of four. Put them on your rod case, tackle box, suitcase, car and/or boat. Put one on your guide's boat or tackle box! Be proud to spread the word.

PATCH1 - $7.00 (members only, 2 per order) Also available in a 3-inch cloth patch which can be easily sewn on jackets, shirts, your own caps or soft-sided cloth tackle bags and camera bags. Sold in quantities of two per order. See PBA member/check only order form. Help promote PBA!

Translation/Calculator (TC) Sheet - $9.95 With this handy chart, you will be able to calculate your peacock's weight accurately while on the water. No heavy scales to carry, simply measure the girth (in inches) around pectoral fin and the length from tail to nose, and use the chart to determine exact weight. Translation/Peacock Bass Weight Calculator Sheet - Available in English/Portuguese (TC1) for those going to Brazil and in English/Spanish (TC2) , this laminated sheet covers every word you would need during the trip to South America. Your fishing trip will be more productive and enjoyable knowing you can communicate with airport personnel, guides and camp staff!  Add to Order: Weight Calculator/Translation Sheet is free with an order of $30 or more in merchandise.


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