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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
May-June 2017
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:    

        • New Colombia "Glamping" Operation Opens
        • Floating Bungalow Camps Get Upgrades
        • Global Rescue's New Travel Insurance Offering
        • New Prop Bait Stock & Moving Sale!
        • Designing Fly Options For Peacock Bass
        • Outfitter's Contest Offers Client Free Trip
        • Fishing Rights Secured for Rio Marmelos
        • La Zona Restriction and Monsters
        • We Get Mail ( New Topwater Hard Bait Introduced, Top South Florida Peacock Bass Lure)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

1ARonStaffordAdvNew Colombia "Glamping" Operation Opens – The new Las Lagunas Lodge located off the Iniridia River in Colombia is now open for business, according to Ron Stafford of Stafford Adventures. Stafford worked at Trek Safaris for 15 years selling hunting and fishing tours and even ran the Amazon Queen mothership operation for the last 3 months of the 2000 fishing season. Today, he is Erik von Sneidern's US booking agent. "Erik is finally doing what he has been wanting to do for the past 20 years and that is to get back to running peacock bass fishing trips in Colombia," he says. "We caught good numbers of big fish this spring and Erik's new facility is sure to please. Erik has exclusive rights to literally miles and miles of untouched waters due to contracts with several different indigenous communities." The new Las Lagunas Lodge operation is on a huge lake, but it is more of a "glamping" (glamorous camping) experience, according to Ron. The accommodations consist of 1BLasLagunasCOlarge single occupancy 10-foot by 20-foot cabin tents that all have electricity, full sized beds and furniture to hang and store clothes. The cabin tents are elevated on individual wooden platforms and are complete with a 10-foot by 10-front patio. "Clients can easily get their gear ready and have all the space they want to walk around," notes the booking agent and new PBA Supporting Member. "The main lodge building naturally has a bar with beer, rum and mixers and a dining area, and Erik is planning on adding a few more surprises down the road. Our operation will run from December through April depending on the water levels." Las Lugunas Lodge is offering standard 7 day, 6 night packages with 2 half days and 3 full days of fishing. They include two nights in Bogota, all transfers and the round trip flight between Bogota and Puerto Inirida for just $2,795.00 per person. "Additional days can be added as we can easily adjust the trips to as many days as wanted," says Ron. "We will only take 6 fishermen at a time to insured everyone has excellent fishing." For more information, contact Ron Stafford at 904-662-5769 or visit their new website at www.peacockbasscolombia.com .

2AAcuteBungalowFloating Bungalow Camps Get Upgrades - Acute Angling pioneered the use of multiple trip operating systems including different accommodations, logistics and management nearly a decade ago, according to co-owner Paul Reiss. "The flexibility and mobility enabled us to access the best fisheries at the best times to optimize fishing productivity," says Paul. "Every one of our operations is designed to deliver optimal levels of comfort, service and satisfaction. Over the past few years, we have upgraded out Blackwater Explorer yacht operation and built the Picapau Lodge for our multi-species variety trips in our protected Indian reservation fishery. Now, we have upgraded our floating bungalow operation." Acute Angling has renovated their floating cabins with new hydraulics and plumbing, new mattresses and linens and an overall refurbishment, and they've also upgraded their operating system 2BAcuteBungalowwith a new generator, new outboard motors and new fishing boats. "The biggest change though is in our management and logistics," the outfitter points out. "In the past, our Floating Bungalow Operation shared an operating team with our Multi-Species Variety Trip. No longer! Our bungalow operating system now has its own , fully independent operating team. The bungalows will offer the same level of service and quality as our most experienced and polished operations. Guides on our floating bungalows are now being selected from and rotated within our Blackwater Explorer team." Another big change for the longtime PBA Supporting Member is season-based. "In the past, our Floating Bungalow Operation was limited to a short season so it wouldn't overlap with our Multi-Species Variety Trip," Paul explains. "Our bungalow operation now will position itself in the best waters at the best times with no limitations due to staff availability or schedule overlap. We will operate a fall schedule (Oct./Nov.) in headwaters of southern Rio Negro tributaries. Then, during December we'll migrate north and operate a winter schedule (Jan./Feb.) in the headwaters of northern tributaries." For more information, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

Global Rescue's New Travel Insurance Offering – Longtime PBA Supporting Member Global Rescue has developed a unique travel insurance program that provides comprehensive one-stop protection wherever they go, GR buttonaccording to Kevin Helm, Associate Manager Response Services. "Our Signature Travel Insurance policies start at just $20 and are priced on a trip-by-trip basis depending on the duration and total cost of the trip," he says. "The travel insurance highlights include Trip cancellation (up to $100,000), Trip interruption (up to 150% of trip cost), Lost luggage delay (up to $2,500), $100,000 emergency medical/dental coverage, and $100,000 common carrier AD&D coverage." There is also Cancel-for-any-reason coverage (75% of trip cost) and Interrupt-for-any-reason coverage (75% of trip cost). For full details or more information, contact Kevin at Global Rescue by phone at (617) 459-4204.

4AQuesTackleNew Prop Bait Stock & Moving Sale! - QuesTackle is planning on moving to Florida so they are having a moving sale to reduce tackle stock before their move, according to Judith Weible. At the same time, they have just imported a new prop bait from Brazil. "All fishing lures and line are being sold BOGO, buy one & get one free during this month," Judith points out. "Discounts will be issued in-house when charging the cards. Also, for those wanting to discuss additional bulk discount purchasing with us, please call QuesTackle. Also check out all of our peacock bass stock including rods, reels, lures and our new FishQuest shirts." The newly imported 4BFishQuestLureBorboleta Woodstock 16 Prop Bait is also now available at QuesTackle, according to the long time PBA Supporting Member. "This 6-inch, slim design wooden body propeller bait is the newest exciting lure for peacock bass," she states. "With a big prop and an awesome paint job, this Brazilian import is ideal for catching trophies. The lure comes in four colors: Fire Tiger, Black/Orange, Chartreuse/White and Hot Tiger." For more information on the BOGO event, contact Judith at QuesTackle at phone 1-888-891-3474, visit their website at www.questackle.com or email questackle@fishquest.com. 

5AArmando Peacock  Fly Designing Fly Options For Peacock Bass -In the past issue of our PBA eZine, I covered the development of Armando Giraldo's interest in becoming an expert fly tier, fishing guide and Colombian outfitter. Today, the new PBA Supporting Member calls his fly tying and outfitting business, Orinoco Flies, his dream job. "I finally threw myself into it after a lot of thinking," he says. "I had a stable, 9 am to 7 pm job, a check every month, and some kind of security, but I was absolutely frustrated and thinking that I wanted to live outside 4 walls . As the saying goes, 'You live just one life, use it'!" After receiving a lot of feedback on his flies from fellow fly fishermen like outfitter Alex Zapata (Orinoco Angling) and several clients, Armando decided he wanted a fly-tying business of his own. "I basically tie for big predators in any water system," he says. "I use 5COrinocoLogoa lot of synthetics because they last longer. I think there are some characteristics a fly has to have to be productive: movement, profile, flash and yet be sparse enough to keep the fly light in weight. Flies are an essential part of fly fishing of course and they have to be balanced just as the reel, line and rod do." "Most of my fishing is done in very hot climates, for peacock bass, payara and several other Orinoco and Amazon species. Many are not always easy to sight-fish, meaning that you blind-cast a fly to every single structure or spot you think holds a nice fish all day. 5BArmandoPeacock&FlyIf you do that for a week or more in the hottest of suns, the last thing you want is a heavy fly that absorbs a lot of water which can become a suffering experience." That is why Armando always focuses on the characteristics listed above when designing his flies. Orinoco Flies offers 5 patterns each in differing colors that total 27 different flies. Armando also produces a loud popper and 5 weighted-flies (or jig flies) for anglers who don't fly fish but want to use a fly with their spinning or casting equipment. His outfitting service also offers ecotourism activities for those visitors interested in Colombia's fauna and landscapes. For more information, contact Armando at armando@orinocoflies.com or visit his website at www .orinocoflies.com.

Outfitter's Contest Offers Client Free Trip - Acute Angling's unique client Photo Gallery went live on their website in the fall of 2016. Clients quickly opened over 20 galleries with hundreds of excellent photos, according to co AA RTL CabinsStream-owner Paul Reiss. "The new gallery openings ground to a trickle in the winter and we want our website to be a place where our clients can share their Amazon experiences and photographic expertise," says the outfitter. "So, in order to bring our fishing family together, we're preparing a new contest open only to anglers who've already fished with us. The requirements are simple. If they open a gallery, post their selected photos to share with friends, they can win a trip to return for free." Acute Angling will provide a first prize to the gallery that has received the most views and another first prize to the gallery judged to be most interesting, artistic or attractive by a panel of judges. "Each of the first prizes will be a completely free trip to any of our regularly scheduled Amazon operations," says Paul. "Winners can pick a productive week on the Blackwater Explorer or pursue trophy peacocks on our Floating Bungalows or experience the pristine Rio Travessao on our Multi-Species Variety trip at rustic Picapau Lodge. And there will be lots of additional prizes, like big discount certificates for our trips and specialized tackle packages." Paul expects to open the contest around July 1st, 2017 and it will run until around April 1st of 2018. To sweeten the pot, he promises that the first one hundred gallery openers will receive a free Acute Angling T-shirt. For more information on getting your Gallery underway, contact Paul or Garry, Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email webmaster@AcuteAngling.com.

7MarmelosRivFishing Rights Secured for Rio Marmelos - Negotiations between River Plate Anglers and Indian tribes for exclusive fishing rights to the Marmelos River south of Manaus have been completed, according to agent J.W. Smith of Rod & Gun Resources. "We will be fishing there mid-July through August," he says. "The river has not been fished in four years, and it is famous for good numbers of double-digit fish, water clarity and sight casting particularly in the headwaters. There are beautiful white sand beaches, rock outcrops and abundant structure." For more information, contact J.W. or Dawn Smith at 800-211-4753 or email venture@rodgunresources.com.

La Zona Restriction and Monsters – Long time PBA member Bob Daly fishes a variety of species around the world, but he is more familiar with the Uruguay River and specifically the section known as La Zona and its giant golden dorado than any other angler that I know.  He just returned from there, and filed a report on the new fishing 8BobDaly50+area restrictions and their impact on the fishing. "I have fished there each year since the zone opened to sportfishermen," Bob says. "and this was definitely my best trip to date for huge golden dorado. For the group of 4, we landed and released 2 that were 50 pounds and 15 more that ranged from 40 to 49 pounds! We had numerous dorado in the 15 to upper 30-pound range." The small group found the best lure by far was a very strong spinnerbait that they were dragging through the rocks, according to Bob. "The water levels were ideal at around 14 feet and it only varied a few feet from morning to evening," he continued. "The new zone restrictions are now 500 meters from the dam walls as set forth by the Argentina government as protection from terrorist activity near the dam. That said, I have never before landed a true monster over 50 pounds near the dam walls, because too much time is spent battling smaller dorado in the 30-pound range. And that is a waste of valuable time since the drifts in the zone are extremely fast. Therefore, I feel that starting the drift 500 meters away from the dam walls puts the angler in a better position to catch true giants as evidenced by our results." Bob also noted that a new lodge complete with swimming pool is being built and could possibly be ready to open in the 2018 season. "In my opinion, La Zona is the world greatest freshwater fishery," he says.

Welcome New Supporting Member! I want to thank our newest Supporting Member, Ron Stafford of Stafford Adventures and Erik von Sneidern's Las Lagunas Lodge. Please check out his Operations page in our PBA World Peacock Bass Directory and drop him a welcome email or note. The growth of our Supporting Member base continues! I hope all Individual Members appreciate new SM involvement in PBA.


We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

10StutterStepTopWtrNew Topwater Hard Bait Introduced – Bill Lewis Outdoors, makers of Rat-L-Trap, introduced just this year the Stutter Step, an action packed surface bait that should be a very productive lure for giant peacocks in the Amazon. The STP 281 will wag its tail, set up a wobble wake, do a turn -around twitch and of course perform the stutter step (a slow walk-the-dog). The lure is a large body profile ideal for big peacock! More info is at www.Stutter-Step.com. I would recommend that you change out the factory trebles if after monster peacocks in South America. Employ a 3/0 7X (strong) #D98Q Daiichi Bleeding Bait treble on the front and a similar 2/0 size on the rear for best balance. Check it out.

11ASoFLRatLTrapTop South Florida Peacock Bass Lure – "Dear Mr. Larsen, Thank you for your cordial welcome to the PBA. I am a little behind on joining and I am certainly looking forward to being a member. I was in South Florida for 4 years before I learned (in 2009) that peacock bass were here. After the cold spell in the beginning of 2010, I decided to let the peacocks recover before I began hunting them. That time has now come. While I prepared to convert to peacocks, I focused on largemouth bass and did quite well. This is where I owe you 11BSoFLanother "Thank you!" After reading an article you had written, mentioning some of the productive lures (and colors) in your tackle box, for example red heads and silver/blue backs, I decided to reinstate both into my working arsenal. The picture attached is of a Rat-L-Trap with home makeup by Sharpie. It has proven to be my most productive subsurface peacock bass lure here to date. Mr. Larsen, thank you for everything, particularly for making me reconsider the blue back!" -  David M.

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