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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen;   Editor: Lilliam Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
March 2013
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association

© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:    

      • Exclusive Short Trips to Private Waters
      • Bus to Fall Amazon Package Savings
      • Secret to Amazon Success Revealed
      • Amazon Basin Colombia Basics
      • Fly-Overs at 100 feet on the PBA Forum
      • Panama Peacock Bass Size Increasing
      • Brazil To Host World Fishing Conference
      • We Get Mail (Business Class Airfares to Manaus Cheap, Fishing Seminars Offered to Groups, Special Offering of Limited Edition Peacock Bass Prints)
      • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

TREKExclusive Short Trips to Private Waters - A lot of anglers looking to travel to Brazil's Amazon Basin to catch peacock bass are considering the length of the trip in these economic times. "Every operation except one requires that you be away a minimum of nine or possibly ten days to get the six days of fishing most camps and yachts offer in their packages," says Milton Hanburry, President of Trek International Safaris. There is one operation however that is meeting the needs of this growing segment of anglers who want the great Amazon peacock bass action, yet be gone from their business or home only for a week's time, according to the longtime PBA Supporting Member. "Trek Safaris offers a great 'short trip' in private 1B-TREKwater concessions, a fishery that involves seven and one half million acres of the best peacock bass rivers in the Rio Negro watershed," he explains. "Using mobile floating cabins, each group will have access to the best four and a half days of angling that is possible and be home in a week or less. Each of the four 10'x15' cabins accommodating two anglers, have a toilet, shower, sink, table, twin beds and air conditioning. The comfortable floating cabins are beached, and if they need to be moved, they are pulled in caravan fashion by a diesel motherboat." According to Milton, the specific camp location may not be determined until just prior to the anglers' departure from their homes . For more detailed information including suggested 2013 trip dates, call Trek Safaris at 1-800-654-9915.

Bus to Fall Amazon Package Savings - Ron Speed Jr's Adventures offers a fall peacock bass fishing package aboard the Otter houseboat that will save clients money. The long-time PBA Supporting Member has fished a particular watershed off the Amazon River during September Speed BUSand October for 20 years and it's still producing...and not just producing but it's actually better now than it was 20 years ago, according to Ron Jr. "There is very little pressure on the peacocks in these two tributaries and they are located in a true dry region where there is very little chance of the water levels rising during the short two month season," he explains. "Add to that, it does not have numerous tributary watersheds that feed and influence the water levels. The water level may be high at the beginning of the season but generally it will fall each week afterwards, and this allows consistently great fishing." Ron is able to offer a lower package price to fish this watershed than when the Otter is fishing on the Rio Negro from November through March. The reason is a chartered luxury tour bus and a new paved highway from Manaus. "In September and October, the Otter can be accessed using the bus instead of a costly charter airplane," Ron says. "We 2B-Amazon OtterMovingoffer 6 full days of fishing in the package that includes all fishing lures and equipment, fishing license, accommodations, meals, and roundtrip bus transportation from Manaus, satellite phone service/use, beverages (including beer, wine and some liquor) for $4,595 per person. That's a savings of $400 over our Rio Negro fishing package, and the only difference being that we use the charter planes to access the houseboat on the Negro." The chartered bus ride to the Otter via the new paved highway during September and October is approximately 3.5 hours. For more information and specific dates, contact Ron Speed Jr's Adventures' office at 1-800-722-0006.

Peacock Black Water ExplorerSecret to Amazon Success Revealed - After examining records of perhaps their best fishing season ever, Paul Reiss of Acute Angling is offering the reason for the Blackwater Explorer's success. "It's really not a secret how we choose to implement our responsibility to produce fish," he explains. "We have invested the time and research to achieve a superior level of knowledge and a unique understanding of our quarry's life cycle. We simply know what the fish are doing, where to be and when to be there. We are true nomads and use our great mobility to move throughout the Amazon lowlands during the course of the entire season." Paul advises that their boat operation fishes tributaries in the Rio Madeira basin, the Rio Negro basin and the Rio Branco basin, as water levels dictate. "We are not tied to a fixed weekly route because of some artificial routine set-up to keep operating costs down, nor are we linked to a fixed resupply point," says the long-time Amazon outfitter. "This allows us to be in locations with optimal water levels and prime conditions throughout the fishing season. We won't be stuck in a single locale, subject to the whims of local weather. The bottom line is that we have made a commitment to put fishing success ahead of economizing on each weekly trip. We'll happily burn diesel to put our clients in the best place, even if it means changing a river system over night." He boasts, "We have been known to 'leave 'em biting' more than once when changing locations meant we could 'find 'em biting' even better!" For more information the Blackwater Explorer's recorded results or next season's tour schedule, contact Paul at email PReiss@AcuteAngling.com, Garry Reiss at email greiss@earthlink.net, or phone toll-free 1-866-832-2987.

4ColombiaPBAAmazon Basin Colombia Basics - Much of the safe peacock bass fishing in Colombia is done north of the true Amazon Basin in rivers like the Bita and Meta in the state of Vichada and the Inirida in the state of Guainia which all flow into Venezuela's Rio Orinoco. The Orinoco meanders northward along the Colombia border for a short distance and then east through Venezuela, so its tributaries are not technically in the Amazon Basin. Far south rivers like the beautiful blackwater Rio Apaporis in the state of Vaupes and the Rio Guainia (called by some as the headwaters of the Rio Negro) in the state of Guainia are in the Amazon Basin and may have once had a sport fishing operation or two in the 1970s. Today though, that portion of Colombia is still a dangerous area to visit due to the drug business and very few if any anglers venture there. It is important to note that the majority of the country is now very safe and many places like Bogota are actually booming with growth.

Fly-Overs at 100 feet on the PBA Forum - In response to a detailed forum Field Report posting on a multi-species trip, I responded in part about long-time friend Wellington Melo who was the camp host on the trip: "(He) is a great guy; I met and fished with him on one of my first trips to UltraLightFloatPlaneanother river in Brazil some 22 years ago. I spent some time in the air with him and his ultralight 2-man float plane several years back as well. We flew along the Agua Boa River and adjacent lagoons and spied catfish, caiman, large peacock bass and other big fish from about 100 feet up. What a view!" You just cannot imagine what you can see flying right above a relatively clear river and lagoon system. It is one of my experiences that I hope to never forget. Those of you that do not follow the PBA Forum posts may have missed some interesting comments, opinions and field reports. If you haven't checked out the forum lately, go to http://www.peacockbassassociation.com/forum and take a look.  You can easily do a search for topics of your specific interest. Participation is also the life blood of a forum and we hope you will post comments and reply to posts. It is one of you membership benefits and many of you don't take advantage of it.

Panama Peacock Bass Size Increasing – The peacock bass in Panama's Gatun Lake are growing larger, according to Colonel Davis Stevenson of Condor Outfitters. "When they were first introduced (accidentally) into Gatun Lake due to the collapse of the breeding farm berm, peacock bass found the lake and nearby Chargres River offering a great habitat and quantity of small bait fish," he says. 6A Panama"Over the years the ferocious bass liquidated most of the smaller species of fish that had made the river and the lake their home. The peacock bass were not really large fish, but the typical catch made up for size with the quantity hooked. In the 40 years or so since, there has been a constant increase in the number of large fish being caught. There are a number of theories for this. One is that by catching many small ones the fish population has finally been culled, and the other is that the natural balance of bait fish has been restored allowing for the growth of larger peacock bass." Davis also believes that another factor has been that a very aggressive voluntary catch and release of the larger bass in the 6B Panamapast few years has made for better breeding stock in the lake. I would stress the fact that he works with Rich Cahill of Panama Canal Fishing and points out also that the country's sports fishing companies are hiring the locals who live around the lake as captains. "They in turn now understand the importance of releasing mature fish and also realizing catch & release is the trend of our guest today," adds Rich. "The education is filtering back to these communities and more are conscious of the practice and future benefits. Protection and fishing edict is the key to bigger fish." For more information, please contact Colonel Stevenson of Condor Outfitters at 1-800-783-8847.

Brazil To Host World Fishing Conference – Campinas, Brazil in the state of Sao Paulo is scheduled to host the 7th World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC) September 1 - 4 in 2014, the first time this prestigious event has been held in a developing country. "It is our sincere hope 7WRFCthat all participants find this conference enjoyable, significant, and enlightening, while at the same time facilitating the creation of strong ties among the professional peoples from different countries," says a WRFC spokesperson. "The main reason for supporting the completion of the 7th WRFC in Brazil is in the involvement of institutions and professionals that are directly and indirectly connected to the world of recreational fishing, and who are dedicated to the goal of fostering critical dialogue among various parties, while at the same time promoting the exchange of experiences, ideas, practices and attitudes that will facilitate the development and evolution of recreational fishing all over the world." The theme of the conference, the keynote speakers to be invited, the program outline, and the main discussions were decided by the members of the International Advisory Board, the Brazilian Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee. Attendees to the conference will be those people directly or indirectly related to the development of recreational fishing worldwide such as teachers, professors, fishing operators, research groups, managers, biologists, governmental representatives, economists, policy makers, NGO representatives and, of course, sport fishermen. For more information on registering, etc., visit the WRFC website at http://www.7wrfc.com/.


We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

Business Class Airfares to Manaus Cheap - " Hi Larry, The (round trip) business class fare to Manaus from Miami on TAM airlines is $1,098.75. This is incredibly low! American Airlines has matched it. Spread the word." - Kevin Martin, Martin Travel Services

American Plane"The rate is incredible and it even includes all taxes and fees! (I checked some early November dates from Miami to Manaus and back.) I did notice that the special fares were only valid if you book by February 25 though. There were even cheaper business class fares from Miami to Colombia available for those heading that way. Unfortunately, our eZine is sent out after the promotion but I'll keep an eye out for another similar one later in the year." – Larry

Editor's Note : I checked the Miami-Manaus round trip fares again on February 27 for the same dates in early November and found that the price had indeed increased to about $3,200 for TAM and to almost $3,500 on American Airlines. I know that there will probably be a fare sale within the next six months and I'll be looking for it to inform our membership. If you are working with a travel agent, they can also be on the lookout for you.

Fishing Seminars Offered by Reiss to Groups – "As our Amazon fishing season comes to an end and the trade show season winds down, I am freed up to present seminars for interested fishing clubs and travel groups around the country. In addition to entertaining and educational seminars, Acute Angling always has special offers and great package deals available for large groups . If any club is interested in a unique presentation, please call me at 1-866-832-2987. Seminars are provided free of charge." – Paul Reiss, Acute Angling

Special Offering of Limited Edition Peacock Bass Prints - PBA members can now purchase at a savings of 30%, one or both of our Limited Edition Prints, individually numbered and personally signed by the artists (while quantities last). They are regularly $48.00 each. Now you can get a total of 30% off making each just $33.60 and that includes shipping which eats up a lot of that. These collector's items are suitable for framing and are very decorative for any room in the home or office.

LEP2 LEP1LEP1 - (left) Limited Edition Print by renowned marine watercolorist, Beverly Thomas, of the beautiful painting of the seven peacock bass profiles (species and color variations) in its original size of 11" x 11" are available.

LEP2 -  (right) The beautiful painting of the peacock bass feeding on piranha by accomplished artist George Liska, available in  11" x 14" size.




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