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 Executive Director: Larry Larsen


Demeni House Boat - Negro


Location - Rio Negro, Brazil
Type:  Boat

The newest peacock bass operation in the Amazon Basin is the Demeni, a small hotel boat providing full lodging comfort as well as all the required infrastructure to visit prime, almost untouched fishing hotspots  in the Amazon. With a mere 30 inch draft, the Demeni is able to navigate to places that are out of reach to other boats, which results in less pressure ... which will produce more and bigger peacock bass!

Aboard the Demeni there are four air conditioned double suites with bathroom and shower. Our beds are 83 inches long by 29 inches wide, and we have an 83 inch deck-to-roof height catering to tall guests. The Demeni's flexible bookings range from a minimum of 1 fisherman per suite (for a party of 4) up to a maximum of 2 fisherman per suite (for a party of 8). The boat also has two generators, an air conditioned lounge with bar, TV, music and DVD, tables, chairs and sofas which are perfectly geared for after-fishing socializing.

Kalua4A second option for our clients is the Kalua, a Brazilian "Boat Hotel" that is 95 feet long and has a draft of less than 4 feet. Captained  by one of seven IGFA representatives in Brazil, the classic Amazon riverboat can comfortably accommodate from 8 to 14 fishermen in quality single and double rooms.offers nine 21-foot aluminum boats rigged with cushioned seats, 30 hp outboard motors and 44-pound thrust electric trolling motors. Very experienced guides from the fishing area are assigned to each boat which holds 2 anglers.

The fishing boats have a cooler with drinks including beer, water and sodas, plus sandwiches and a grill for cooking fish, in case anglers decide not to return to the boat for lunch. Our 6 1/2-day fishing trip begins on Saturday and we fish several tributaries of the Rio Negro from Barcelos to Santa Isabel including the Demeni, Caures, Rio Branco tributaries, Araca, Ataui, Padauri, Cuiuni, Uneuixi and Jurubaxi among others. Our kitchen and bar services are first class and there will always be a bilingual guide on board with the fishermen.


 Fishing Season

 August through March

 No. of days in itinerary: 9

 No. of days fishing: 6.5

 Trip Fee Range

 $3,995 - $4,995

 Itinerary starts in:

 Manaus. International airfare not included.


Booking Contacts


Kalua/Demeni Yachts
1161 Bristol Ave., Davie, FL 33325
Phone: 1-884-4-PEACOCK or (954) 325-1115
e mail:  cobby12345@aol.com
website:  www.fishingforpeacockbass.com


Agents:  U.S. fishing tour agencies are invited to become a part of our sales team in the states. Please contact Frank Carbone at the email listed for further information.


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