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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
July-August 2016
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:    

        • New Economy Exploratory Bungalow Trip Offered
        • New U.S.-Based Operator Represents Amazon Yachts
        • Peacock Bass Pond Success and Failure
        • PBA Member Lands Trophy Colombia Peacock
        • Brazil Requires Six Months Passport Validity
        • Bolivia's Multi-Species Trips Available
        • Mexico Fishing Lodge Welcomes Lady Anglers
        • We Get Mail (American Airlines MIA/MAO Route Changes, Peacock Bass Fishing In Fortaleza Brazil?, Opinion - Line Color Affects, Notice: Medium Size Peacock Bass T-Shirts On Sale)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

New Economy Exploratory Bungalow Trip Offered - After an invitation and successful preliminary exploration, Acute Angling has discovered an exciting new multi-species fishery, almost by accident, according to owner Paul a_Acute_Floatplane_Bung1Reiss. "It's comfortable and economical," Paul explains. "Besides the 'Pinima' peacock bass specie, the apapa and Amazon cats that we encountered, the very rich fishery is said to hold tambaqui, matrincha, and jau, filhote and dourada catfish." Acute Angling's unique Amazon exploratory trips are well known. While they are often exciting trips, they can also be logistically and physically challenging (and usually expensive as well). As a result, they're generally limited to a select few anglers who are able to overcome those combined hurdles. "Last fall we found an exception to the challenges," says the outfitter and long-time PBA Supporting Member. "In September, we'll be there with our full, #1BAcutefloating bungalow camp operation without any physical challenges or discomfort. We hope to find some additional pleasant surprises, too. On our first visit, we only fished a small part of the available waters and we want to learn more, so we've priced this exploration at an unbelievable $3,250 per angler. This is Amazon adventure and excitement on a budget." Acute Angling is offering only four  of the economy exploratory group trips in September. The trip includes comfortable cabins, float-plane access and limited availability for just 8 anglers per week. For more information, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

New U.S.-Based Operator Represents Amazon Yachts – Long time PBA Supporting Member Frank Carbone is now representing Kalua/Demeni Yachts in the U. S. The new operator working directly with the #2AFrankCarbone1.owners in Brazil has plenty of peacock bass experience. The guide, agent and outfitter has operated his Hawg Hunter Guide Service in South Florida since 1990 and has been taking anglers to the Amazon since year 2000. "I will be selling my trips at a discounted price and passing the savings on to my clients," Frank says. "I'm offering two yachts. The Demeni is a 57 foot boat with all the amenities. This yacht with a draft of only 2 feet was designed to go where the bigger yachts can't. It holds from 4 up to 8 anglers and is perfect for corporate or a small group of friends." The Kalua is a 95 foot yacht with a formal dining room and lounge. "It has a shallow draft of only 3.4 feet and can go further up the smaller rivers than others," Frank points out. "And it can be made private with only 8 payers." He also notes that if any agents are interested in being a business partner on this operation, you may phone him (Kalua/Demeni Yachts) at 1-844- 2262 or 1-844-4-PEACOCK.

Peacock Bass Pond Success and Failure – I got an email from Ralph P. in Puerto Rico recently that was asking for help with a peacock bass pond. He wrote, "Larry, With Fish & Game and land owner approval, I recently introduced peacock bass in to a fresh water golf course lagoon of a little over 15 acres in Puerto Rico. These fish were at the top of the food chain (only talapia and smaller forage exists) and there is no egress from the lagoon. The peacock bass population soared, with innumerable pods of 9-12 inch fish along the shoreline weed beds, and much larger fish from an original stocking of 80 peacocks just 4 years ago. In the drought of last summer, the water level was moderately stressed. Algae appeared and has still remained in the once pristine water. Now, the water is cloudy and has limited visibility. Only 9 inch peacock bass are visible, as singles and doubles and there #3ALowVisWtrsno longer are the aggressive pods. No large fish have been seen or caught in over 12 months. Just 18 months ago, we normally caught a dozen or more fish in an hour ranging from 8 inches to over 3 pounds. The grandchildren for whom this was conceived have given up fishing, and I don't blame them! Can you recommend a consultant who can diagnose and correct the problem(s)?" My suggestions/answer follows: " It sounds like the fishery was successful for awhile, and that water quality (too high of a nutrient base) is the problem. Peacocks generally don't do well in cloudy, sediment filled waters and the aquatic plants in there now have not adequately cleaned (absorbed) the sediment/nutrients from the water – as the correct ones are supposed to do. Golf courses tend to over-fertilize the areas adjacent to their water hazards with the goal of green grasses on the fairways and beautiful vegetation around the pond. The fertilized water runs off into the (retention) ponds and increase the nutrient base in them. An additive (acid) that would lower the pond's pH levels might be the answer to water quality but it is best to check with an expert (I don't have a biology degree). Unfortunately, I do not know of a fisheries consultant in Puerto Rico but you can check with your F & G Department and they might know of a retired fisheries biologist that might be able to help. Many consult after they retire from the 9-5 job. If you don't find luck there, then try to find a knowledgeable person at a commercial freshwater fish farm. They also have to be very careful about water quality. Another idea is to check with a fisheries biologist that might be knowledgeable about tilapia, which like the peacock, is a cichlid species. Many species of tilapia forage on plankton so they are more comfortable in waters with lots of nutrients (high pH). Peacock bass want the opposite (lower pH). Hope that helps. Please let me know how you end up solving this #4HoracioClareIIIproblem." PBA members with suggestions are welcome to send them along to me for forwarding onword.

PBA Member Lands Trophy Colombia Peacock - IGFA Representative and PBA Individual Member Horacio Clare, III caught and released this beautiful speckled peacock (cichla temensis) while fishing Colombia's Mataveni River on March 13, 2016. He was casting a Rapala Subwalk when the big peacock exploded on the lure. It weighed 22 pounds, 1 ounce before it was released.

Brazil Requires Six Months Passport Validity – Some Amazon anglers who travel to Brazil with their valid visas may not be aware of the requirement that they also need Passport2to have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining at the end of your stay. Other popular visa and non-visa destination countries also require a passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, so the US State Department recommends that you renew when you reach six months remaining. You sure wouldn't want to be turned away from your peacock bass fishing trip before you even wet a line. Airlines may not permit boarding and/or government officials can even deny entry upon arrival. So to avoid unexpected travel disruptions and uncertainty, check your passport for both the visa and the passport for a minimum of 6 months validy!

Bolivia's Multi-Species Trips Available - Cano Negro lodge, still has prime fishing dates available August #6CanoNegrothrough November, according to Rod & Gun Resources owner J.W. Smith. "It is our best South American multi-species fishing destination and our fishermen are thrilled with both the variety of fish landed and the outstanding numbers of peacock bass," the long-time PBA Supporting Member says. "They often land 25 peacock bass in the morning and in the afternoon of the same day some payara, what I call "saber toothed tarpon on steroids", in the 10 to 20 pound range and numerous other species like corvina, sardinata and surubi. This is the most abundant, productive, variety of species fishing in the same proximity that we have ever seen." Cano Negro is situated in the midst of a 4.5 million acre nature preserve and jaguar sanctuary, according to J.W. "Anglers can choose between lagoon or river fishing, spin casting, bait casting, or fly-fishing," he continues. "The pristine fishing area with picturesque surroundings in northeast Bolivia also offers great viewing of many varieties of orchids and other tropical plants along with abundant wildlife, like jaguar, capybara, river otters, caiman, macaws, parrots, storks, pygmy geese and ducks." Rod & Gun Resources offer 4-day and 7-day fishing trips to Bolivia's Cano Negro Lodge. For more information, contact JW or Dawn Smith at Rod & Gun Resources at 800-211-4753 or email: venture@rodgunresources.com.

7AGuyana 10-Night Camp Trips Available - Amazon-Angler.com's new fly-in Jaguar Explorer Camp trips penetrate the jungles of Southern Guyana, according to outfitter and longtime PBA Supporting Member Steve Townson. "These trips utilize our top-class South African-style Safari mobile camps and fish in virgin watersheds for giant catfish, arapaima, peacock bass, payara, bicuda, wolf fish and other species," he explains. "The fishing will be unique and anglers should expect the unexpected." Townson employs 18 foot aluminum boats with 25 hp outboards that are well suited for the tough waters. They fish two anglers per boat, each with two guides, according to Steve. Included in this adventure are all transfers, two nights in a 4-star hotel and 10 nights at the remote camp with nine days of fishing! "Comfortable camp life will be with individual tents, BBQ'd meats, roasts, homemade breads, fresh fruits, eggs, bacon, sausages and cereals," the outfitter continues, "and there will be a constant supply of ice cold beer and other beverages." For more information, email Steve Townson at steve@amazon-angler.com.

Mexico Fishing Lodge Welcomes Lady Anglers - Anglers Inn International has a special offer for lady anglers in 2017. For the first time they're targeting an offer specifically at women, with a mid-January trip at the #8AI-ElSaltodiscounted price of $1,495, which is $500 off the regular package price. "Over the course of three decades of operation, we've had thousands of women fish with us," said Billy Chapman Jr., president of Anglers Inn. "But we realized that most of them come in groups or with their husbands or boyfriends. That means that there's an underserved group of women out there who may not feel comfortable traveling here by themselves. Some of them are experienced anglers while others would like to learn to fish, and with this package we're inviting them to get a taste of what we have to offer." The trip will run from January 11-15, 2017, and includes 3 days of fishing, safe transportation to and from the airport, all food and drink as well as daily laundry service. The only things that are not included are airfare, gratuities and items of a personal nature, according to Billy. "Equipment will be made available to those who don't have their own or those who would prefer to travel light," he continues. "There are also spa services available on site for those who fancy a massage after a long day battling big fish. Furthermore, Anglers Inn sponsors and several other members of the fishing industry have chipped in with giveaways and prizes to make sure that everyone takes something home in addition to memories and pictures of big fish." Frequent Anglers Inn guest Hanna Robbins is coordinating the trip for Chapman and is available to answer any questions at LadyAngler@AnglersInn.com.

We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

American Airlines MIA/MAO Route Changes - American Airlines have changed their times again to/from American PlaneManaus Brazil. Their departing time from Miami is 3:30 pm and they arrive in Manaus at 8:58 pm. Then, they depart Manaus at 11:30 pm arriving in Miami at 4:54 am the following day. Currently, they are not operating on Tuesdays until at least October 4, when they are scheduled to again offer daily flights.

Peacock Bass Fishing In Fortaleza Brazil? - "I will be visiting Fortaleza Brazil in July 2016 for a month and I MapBrazilwant to fish a nearby lake for Peacock bass. Do you know of any guides and info? Thanks!" Rick C.

"Rick, Sorry but I don't know of any peacock bass waters close to Fortaleza. I am not sure if there are any peacocks within 100 miles of the seaside city. Your best bet would be to do a search of recreation/fishing info on the city and see if peacocks are even mentioned. Good luck on finding some." - Larry

Jul TShirtNotice: Medium Size Peacock Bass T-Shirts On Sale – Here's a special offer from Peacock Bass Association: We are closing out our T-Shirt sales and only have two Medium-size "Addiction" shirts left. These TS-2 shirts featuring the painting on the cover of our "Peacock Bass Addictions" book will each be sold on a first come, first serve basis for only $7.95 each plus $5.85 Priority Mail shipping (for 1 or 2). The striking all-cotton Haines T-shirts are available by calling Larry Larsen at 863-644-3381 for availability and payment details.


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