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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
July-August 2017
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • Outfitter Adds New Amazon Fishery Option
        • Responsible Amazon Operators Offer Rainchecks
        • Outfitter Replaces Bus Transfer With Float Plane
        • Optional Variety Species Trip Now Operational 
        • No Walk-Ins at Miami's Brazilian Consulate
        • Giant Arapaima in Brazil's Mamiraua Reserve
        • Lodge Debuts New Patio Bar on Lake El Salto
        • Mobile Passport Control App for Express Lanes
        • We Get Mail (Urban Fishing in South Florida, Barcelos Fishing Operator Association Election, Peacock Bass Industry Investment Opportunity)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

FQRP1Outfitter Adds New Amazon Fishery Option - River Plate Anglers has added to their river portfolio one of the most important fishing options in the Amazon, according to longtime PBA Supporting Member, J.W. Smith of Rod & Gun Resources. "With two IGFA all-tackle world records registered in 2007 and in 2013, the Jurubaxi River (also spelled Urubaxi) and its tributaries situated near Santa Isabel da Cachoeira will be offered exclusively during the prime time of mid-September through November," he says. "River Plate has been developing Amazon operations in the Indian territory Jurubaxi-Tea area since 2006 with an Indian fishing agreement and even built a landing strip in this area many years ago. We fished it without other operations being in the area until about 5 years ago when it suddenly became overrun with a few other operations. It became generally public waters until 2 years ago when fishing was no longer allow at all and it was put into Indian Reservation status." Rod and Gun operations won't be using the runway this season as it will be much more convenient to land their charter planes at the Santa Isabel airport, according to J.W . "We will transfer parties either on fast boats for a couple of hours or on float planes to the fishing grounds," he explains. "While it has been 2 years since anyone has fished the lower part of the river, the upper 1/3 has never been fished by sport fishermen. Our exclusive encompasses that area now too!" According to the outfitter, each Saturday-to-Saturday trip will be limited to just eight anglers. For more information, or to reserve dates, please call J.W. or Dawn Smith at 800-211-4753 or email dsmith@rodgunresources.com.

Responsible Amazon Operators Offer Rainchecks
– Long time PBA Outfitter Paul Reiss of Acute Angling addressed this topic in one of his client newsletters and has offered to share it with our membership. "When the Amazon 2AHighWaterweather causes poor fishing conditions, you shouldn't have to be there," he points out. "Raincheck policies strive to ensure that the client is never subjected to a substandard fishing trip." While Amazon water levels are governed by a relatively predictable and consistent cycle, here is how Paul, who has a PHD in Fisheries explains the potential problem: "Described by scientists as the Amazon Flood Pulse, this remarkably intense cycle drives adaptations in animal behavior and physiology that help Amazon aquatic organisms cope with the changes. We outfitters, are driven to accommodate this "once-a-year tide" and we build our all of our schedules, movements and logistics around it. For the last 10 years the flood pulse has been more or less as expected, but after 10 years of being predictable, Mother Nature decided to remind us who's really in charge. In January, heavy rains caused water levels to begin to rise dramatically in the Rio Negro basin and affect fishing for some. Our extreme mobility, willingness to burn diesel and independence from a fixed base of operations however allowed us to move into the Rio Branco basin, where levels were less affected. We motored 400 miles away from the problems to a series of honey-holes we had all to ourselves and had great success for a few weeks, but alas, even we were finally overwhelmed by nature's excess. The rain persisted and spread, finally ruining even our distant fishery. In fact, it even spread into the mountains where it flooded our Multi-species variety fishery as well. Fishing just ground to a halt everywhere. It was time to tighten our belts and do what a responsible operator has to do. In these situations, it is always our goal, if we have the time to react, to allow anglers to elect to remain 2BBlackWaterExplcomfortably at home and reschedule for another, more auspicious time."

Here's how 3 of Acute Angling's trips aboard the Blackwater Explorer Yacht were affected: "The January 27th Group - The anglers were already en route when the rains overran our Rio Branco fishery," says Paul. "We couldn't offer them a reschedule, so we moved the yacht to the most northern fishery we could access in an effort to provide good fishing. It wasn't a total washout, anglers still caught over 370 fish with trophies up to 18 pounds, but the results were mediocre by our standards. So, we credited each of the 12 anglers in the group with a 1/2 price credit for their return. The February 3rd Group - We were able to offer this group the opportunity to reschedule at a more opportune time, and they chose to heed our water level cautions and rescheduled . The February 10th Group - Here also, we offered this group the opportunity to reschedule at a more opportune time and they did so and rescheduled. As quickly as waters rose, they returned to fishable levels a week later and we were back in operation and for the rest of our season." Paul believes that they should be committed to deliver on the expectations they create. "If we cannot do so, even due to conditions beyond our control," he notes, "we believe that we must, in good conscience, make good on our responsibility to deliver the experience that a client expects and is entitled to. Although cancellation is a severe financial blow to Amazon operators, good business practices demand that the angler always be given the option to reschedule." For more information, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1-866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

3 floatPlaneOutfitter Replaces Bus Transfer With Float Plane – Ron Speed Jr.s Adventures will be employing float planes this fall season for their fishery located east of the Rio Negro, according to outfitter Ron.Speed Jr. "As most of our longtime clients know, we flew twin turbo charter planes to our September/October fisheries for 15+ years," he explains. "Then the DAC in Manaus shut down that airstrip due to too many animals (cattle, dogs, vultures, etc) being on the airstrip primarily because the fences were being destroyed. Since there wasn't another adequate and safe airstrip within 100 miles of our two Fall rivers, we decided to use a chartered party bus to meet the Amazon Otter houseboat and then drive it 5 hours to these two rivers." Now, Ron points out, they have decided to start using float planes to access the fisheries this fall. "This doesn't have anything to do with our Rio Negro season domestic travel as we have always used the twin turbo planes to fly to Barcelos and Santa Isabel when fishing that fishery," he continues. "This strictly has to do with our areas far away from the Negro, so we now will have only a 1 hour 10 minute flight and you will be there on the main river we fish. This should be great news for all that have endured the bus trips in the past." For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com 4A Ian 2

Optional Variety Species Trip Now Operational
– Long time PBA Supporting Member Ian Sulocki of Kalua Pesca will be offering a Xingu River multi species trip in the state of Mato Grosso (south of the Amazonas and Para states) this fall. "It is finally a reality," he says. "We have four sessions allowed 4b Ian Triedacurrently in a National Indian Park with the agreement of Funai and the other appropriate Indian communities. We can fish from May to early November depending on the type of fish being targeted: wolfish, peacock (Cichla mirianae), matrinxas, bicuda, tambaquis, large Payara, freshwater croakers, and several catfish including huge piraibas, armored catfish and many different small species of the Xingu, the largest Piranha in the world (Camari or Xupita)" No alcohol is allowed and sleeping will be in individual tents, according to the outfitter. There will be 6 days of fishing for a very economical price. The Brazil airport base is the city of Sinop-Mato Grosso. From there, a charter flight is included and Ian will personally be on all weeks offered. "There are only a few spots for 2017 and several open for the 2018 season," he adds. For more information, contact Ian Sulocki, email: ian@kaluapesca.com.br .


5A VisaSamplePBANo Walk-Ins at Miami's Brazilian Consulate - Effective June 13th, the Consulate of Brazil in Miami is no longer taking walk-ins for visa applications, according to the PBA recommended passport and visa expeditor CIBT. "All applicants who apply directly to the consulate will be required to schedule an appointment," a spokesperson said. "CIBT can 5B Cibtlogotake the stress out of this process for clients as we can submit with no appointments required." For more information, PBA members can visit our link to CIBT here! (or check out the CIBT info on the PBA website)

Giant Arapaima in Brazil's Mamiraua Reserve
– Pirarucu is the biggest Arapaima reserve on the planet and the Arapaima is the biggest amazon fish an angler can catch with a fly and/or lures. Untamed Angling has a new pioneer project 6 Mamirauain Brazil that focuses on  the fish, according to PBA Supporting member and co-owner of UA, Rodrigo Salles. "The area is really protected and packed with Arapaima of all sizes from 20 to 400 pounds," he says. "Our project model  is similar to Tsimane and Rio Marie where we partner with the locals and the Government. We are allowed the exclusivity to access and fish the core of Mamiraua Reserve, a complex of lakes, channels and rivers where huge populations if arapaima feed and spawn. Our exploratory season found that in 4 weeks during the fall, we averaged 5,8 fish per angler per day which for arapaima fishing is an astonish number." Untamed Angling provides first class lodging, special designed fishing skiffs, English-speaking guides who are well experienced with the arrea and Arapaima behavior. "Logistics are super easy when comparing with any other jungle destinations," says Rodrigo. "There is a short jet flight from Manaus, then a 50-minute fast boat ride to the lodge. Our fishing season is September to December and we still have some spots for the 2017 season." For more information contact Rodrigo at info@uangling.com or rodrigo@uangling.com or visit Untamed Angling's website at www.untamedangling.com.

7 RSJA's New BarLodge Debuts New Patio Bar on Lake El Salto
– There is a new bar and patio at the El Salto camp according to outfitter Ron Speed Jr. of Ron Speed Adventures. "We just finished our new lakeside lodge bar with new patio tables and chairs out by the giant 130-year-old Tule tree right next to the shore," he explains. "Everyone loves to come in from a long day of fishing and watch their favorite sports team on TV at the bar and have some tasty cocktails and Margaritas. It is such a great setting and place to unwind . This bar area has always been a big hit, but now it has a totally new look and comfort level." There is also new flat screen TV's and individual air conditioning in each room, according to Ron. "Add to that our huge porches with those comfy rockin' chairs that everyone loves, a big nice restaurant with a huge indoor ground floor aquarium stocked with bass," he says, "and you have a nice little paradise on one of the best bass lakes in the world." For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com .

Mobile Passport Control App for Express Lanes
- The new Mobile Passport Control app will speed you through U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according to CBP. Just fill out your profile and answer CBP's questions and then go straight to the "Mobile Passport Control" express lane at the airport. Mobile Passport Control (MPC) allows U.S. citizens and 8 Customs and Border Prot.Canadian visitors to use the Mobile Passport app to expedite their entry process into the United States. It is the first app authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for eligible travelers with a smartphone or tablet to submit their passport information and answer CBP inspection-related questions prior to CBP inspection. Much like Automated Passport Control (APC), the app does not require pre-approval and is free to use. The app streamlines the traveler inspection process and enables CBP officers to focus more on the inspection and less on administrative functions. Eligible travelers can download the Mobile Passport app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Travelers will be prompted to create a profile via the app with their passport information. The profile includes the traveler's name, gender, date of birth, and country of citizenship. Upon landing in the United States, travelers will complete the "New Trip" section by selecting their arrival airport and airline, taking a self-photo, and answering a series of CBP inspection-related questions. Once the traveler submits their transaction through the app, the traveler will receive an electronic receipt with an Encrypted Quick Response (QR) code. Travelers then bring their passport and mobile device with their digital bar-coded receipt to a CBP officer to finalize their inspection for entry into the United States. Editor's Note: Sounds easy. Doesn't it?


We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

Urban Fishing in South Florida – I get emails all the time from those that was to try to catch a peacock bass while they are visiting southern Florida. They have no boat with them and very little access exists for bank fishing. So, I generally tell them to hire a guide for success, but there are other ways as this video shows us. Visit https://www.outdoorhub .com/news/2017/06/05/video-catching-big-fish-sewers-welcome-florida/ and check out the action! - Larry

9 IanBarcelos Fishing Operator Association Election – Long time  PBA Supporting Member and Kalua/Demeni Sportfishing Operations Partner Ian Sulocki was elected President of BFOA. One of his immediate projects is to work with the local government officials to pass a law that would remove the peacock bass Cichla temensis from commercial exploitation, making them a protected sport fish. The species could not be killed, transported or sold in commercial markets. Ian believes that more information on that effort should be out shortly and will keep PBA informed on the activity! For additional info, contact Ian via email at ian@kaluapesca.com.br .

buttonPeacock Bass Industry Investment Opportunity – Looking for Individual that may want to be involved in the Peacock Bass industry. Benefits for a creative person with good writing/photography, marketing and management skills and industry contacts are many. Minimal investment required for on-going business. Send email to info@peacockbassassociation.com with "PBI Investment" in the subject line for more details. Provide your phone number, email and background please.

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