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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
January-February 2018
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • New Pending IGFA World Record Speckled Peacock!
        • Effective Lure for Giant Peacocks Discovered!
        • Unfished Unpredictable Amazon Exploratory Promised
        • Dangerous Times in The Amazon Jungle
        • Trophy Payara Fishery in Colombia
        • New loading dock & sonar units at Lake Picachos
        • Real ID Act Requires Passports
        • We Get Mail (Amazon Outfitter Welcomes New Italian Chef, Hiring Day Guides in the Amazon Jungle?, Dallas Safari Club Booth Invite, Film Trailer for Rio de Gigantes)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

New Pending IGFA World Record Speckled Peacock! - Angler Marcel Griot of Miami, FL potentially set the #1A World Record Peacock IGFA 31#new All-Tackle world record for speckled peacock (Cichla temensis) with a massive 14 kg (30 pounds 13 ounces) fish that he caught on November 22, 2017 while fishing Brazil's Marie River with the outfitter Untamed Angler. Griot caught the fish on a 7" High Roller topwater lure, and released the fish alive after weighing and documenting the trophy. The 15 kilo "BogaGrip-type" scale used to weigh the fish had been physically certified by IGFA as accurate a few months prior to the weighing #1B Location 3261of the big fish. IGFA received the required paperwork a couple of weeks ago and the approval process usually takes 2 to 3 months, according to Jack Vitek, World Record Coordinator at IGFA. If it is approved, the catch will replace the current All-Tackle record of 29 pounds 1 ounce that was caught on a Pavon Prop topwater plug." For more information on the catch, contact Rodrigo Salles at Untamed Angling at rodrigo@untamedangling.com.

#2A Larry's 25#erEffective Lure for Giant Peacocks Discovered! You guys that follow me on Facebook know that I just returned from a trophy peacock bass trip to Brazil's Marie River with friends Rodrigo Salles and Marcelo Perez of Untamed Angling. Yep, the same place where the pending world record was caught. On this trip I experimented with a new lure, the Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft swimbaits. You know that I seldom toss soft plastics due to the piranha population in most Amazon waters. You also know that I often say, I learn something new on every trip, even on my 60th to the Brazilian Amazon and 86th overall after peacock bass throughout the world. Well I learned about the effectiveness of these swimbaits on this trip and also that softbaits may last much longer than anyone might believe. I have used the Banjo Minnow soft bait before and even caught one of my 20-pounders on it, but I typically reserved that bait for conditions of very high water levels when small baitfish and even piranha are back in the flooded woods and not so #2B SebileMagicSwimmerSofthungry. Piranha are much more of a menace when levels decline and lagoons shrink in size making their area a smaller body of water. I learned that the population of piranha in the Rio Marie is not as large as in other Amazon tributaries. They seldom bother you in the lagoons there! If you want to throw soft plastic baits, that is great. Not once all week did I see any piranha damage to any of our jigs, minnowbaits or soft plastics! As a result, I could toss the Magic Swimmer Soft swimbait and give it a thorough workout. Thanks to a 25-pounder, I discovered its effectiveness. Now I won't leave home for the Amazon without carrying some with me!

Unfished Unpredictable Amazon Exploratory Promised – Acute Angling is offering two weeks of rather basic accommodations, simple meals, untrained staff, and unpredictable itineraries, according to Paul Reiss. Admittedly, you've got to be in it for the adventure or you're better off with their tried-and-true regularly scheduled trips. "But if this is your type of thing, there's nothing more exciting and adventurous," Paul claims as they plan for two weeks in one of the last unfished Indian reservations in Brazil. The trip is limited to eight anglers per week and obviously space is limited. "Six years ago, Wellington Melo and I were privileged to spend a few days in this closed reserve #3 Exploratory Acuteand it proved to be one of the most productive giant peacock rivers we had ever encountered," says Paul. "It produced a 24-pound fish, two others of 21 and 22 pounds and nearly a half dozen more in the high teens. All caught by 2 anglers in 3 short days while paddling ourselves around in leaky aluminum jon boats. And the water was a bit high at the time!" After the visit, all Paul and Wellington wanted was the invitation to return with a few well -equipped exploratory groups... It never came. This September however, Acute Angling was pleasantly surprised by the tribe's invitation to return. "After an extended period of consideration," Paul continued, "tribal leaders recognized that our long history of fair and mutually beneficial cooperation with other tribal communities boded well for a sustainable, impact-free utilization of their beautiful river. We periodically run exploratory trips with great success and have pioneered several Amazon fisheries over the past two decades. Some have proven to be consistently productive and are still being fished today." Paul however is first to issue a warning that "Exploratory" trips are not for everyone. If you would like more information of the possibilities of such a venture, call Acute Angling now toll-free at (866) 832-2987.

Dangerous Times in The Amazon Jungle – For us anglers, we know not to get hung-up in a branch with a bee hive or wasp nest clinging to it. We know to shuffle our feet when wading out from a sandbar to take a cool dip in an Amazon tributary and avoid a sting ray encounter. We know that anacondas, jaguars and the biggest caiman are mostly nocturnal and seldom seen while out fishing. We also know that red-breasted piranha are pretty much the only ones that would attack a swimmer, and to keep our extremities at least 12 inches away from the teeth of any #4 SwimPeacockpiranha, payara or trieda that is hooked and brought to the boat. But our guides in the Amazon have an additional danger facing them some times. They all feel compelled to jump in to the water and swim down to a snagged peacock bass to try to capture it. I have had guides go down after one of my hooked fish at least 30 times in all my trips! They have come up with the fish and lure probably 28 of those times. Think of the danger: a giant, powerful peacock bass with a grasp of a big plug with two or three strong trebles struggling in tree limbs 6 or 7 feet below the water's surface. That's called bravery! I remember several times they have dove in and brought up peacocks in the upper teens for me. The first time that I saw this bravery was on Lake Guri in Venezuela in the late 1980s. A guide swam down into the flooded trees in about 15 feet of water while I kept pressure on the line. He had been underwater about a minute when the fish started to move toward me. I reeled to keep the line taunt and before I knew it, the big peacock was right below me. I jammed my gloved hand into its mouth and grabbed its jaw. As I lifted the 16 -pounder into the boat, the guide's head popped up from below. He saw the fish and smiled. He hadn't been able to grab the fish in the tree but had apparently scared it back out the way it had gone in! Many guides since have taken their chances with the big fish and trebles; that's just what they do in the Amazon jungle waters.

#5 PayaraTrophy Payara Fishery in Colombia - One of Colombia's great fishing destinations for record size payara is the Guayabero river, according to PBA Supporting Member Armando Giraldo of www.OrinocoFlies.com (and also an outfitter). "It's a river with amazing fishing and incredible views, and the payara fishing season starts January first," he says. "Fish between 12 to 26 pounds have been caught on a regular basis, but there are many reports that lunkers in the 30- to 40-pound range have also been taken. It is very possible to hook a giant any time." For those that haven't caught them, big payara are an incredible game fish that always puts up a good battle. In the same waters are big pacu and giant catfish, according to Armando. "We have spots available on the weeks of January 15 to 20 and February 1 to 6 for fly fishermen or conventional tackle fishermen," he says. "The trip package including National (within Colombia) airfare and 6 days of fishing is only $2,500 US." For more information, contact Armando Giraldo via email at armando@orinocoflies.com. 

#8ANew loading dock & sonar units at Lake Picachos – Ron Speed Junior Adventures has added a new pier/loading dock at one of their Mexican bass camps, Lake Picachos, according to Ron. "The huge loading dock allows up to 6 boats of anglers to load or unload at a time," he says. "There's no longer the worry about stepping up into your boat and slipping in the mud due to daily water levels falling. I am #8Bconfident that all of our valuable customers will be very happy with the new dock and how this will make it easier and safer while loading and unloading the boats." As reported in our PBA September 2017 Issue, RSJA has added new MinnKota 24 volt with 65 pounds thrust trolling motors on all of their Xpress Boats. Additional, Ron reports that they have also added new Lowrance Hook 5 sonar units with the Down Scan Imaging feature to all Picachos bass boats. For more information, contact Ron Jr. or Bill at bill@ronspeedadventures.com or visit their website at www.ronspeedadventures.com.

Real ID Act Requires Passports - While Americans certainly need a passport for International travel, a law passed in 2005 with an effective date of January 22, 2018 will impact domestic U.S. travelers from several states. While some states have received extensions granted by Congress, the Real ID Act will require 11 states and Cibtlogoterritories (Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands) to use a passport for all air travel within the U.S. The law is intended to make government-issued identifications more secure, and those states listed above have not yet complied with the requirements of Real ID nor have they been granted further extensions from the Department of Homeland Security. Travelers boarding a flight from the states/territories listed above will not be allowed to use their driver's license as proof of identity. To avoid potential problems, make sure your U.S. Passport is valid and use it. Don't forget that our preferred passport and visa expeditor, CIBT can handle this for you. - Larry

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We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

Amazon Outfitter Welcomes New Italian Chef Acute Angling has welcomed Chef Luis to their multi-species operation at Picapau Lodge, according to co-owner Paul Reiss. "We've taken our food up another notch #9 Chef Mailbagwith our new Tuscan-trained Italian maestro, Chef Luis and his assistant, Janete," Paul boasts. "The couple previously ran the kitchen at an upscale tourist hotel in Jericoacoara, Brazil, a high-end coastal resort town. Now, anglers can enjoy a gourmet mix of Tuscan, Brazilian and American cuisine after each day of incredible fishing at the lodge." For more info, contact Paul or Garry Reiss at Acute Angling at 1 -866-832-2987 or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

Hiring Day-Guides in the Amazon Jungle? - " Hi Larry, Hope alls well. We touched base a few months ago. I am headed back to Manaus Brazil again over the New Year's holiday. I was wondering if you know of anyone in the Upper Negro River area who offers 2 or 3 days Peacock Bass fishing? Thanks," - Mark W.
 "Hi Mark, Sorry but I don't know of any day-guides in the Amazon. All of the experienced guides in the Amazon are contracted to the numerous motherships (yachts, houseboats, mobile bungalow camps, etc.) that cater to traveling anglers that want to spend a minimum of 5 days on the water and book an all-inclusive package. Good luck in finding someone."
- Larry

#10 Rod&GunDoradoDallas Safari Club Booth Invite - J. W. and Dawn Smith of Rod & Gun Resources and South American Fly Fishing will be in the River Plate Outfitters booth #563 at the Dallas Safari Club Convention, January 4-7, 2018, according to Dawn. "In addition to information on our new Estancia Santa Rosa, Argentina dorado fishing with optional high-volume dove hunting program, we will also have information on our Brazil peacock bass fisheries," she says. "Please stop by the booth and chat." For more info, contact them at Rod & Gun Resources, phone: 800-211-4753 or email dsmith@rodgunresources.com.

Film Trailer for Rio de Gigantes – "Larry, We're thrilled to unveil the trailer for the new film, Rio de Gigantes, from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine. The film features fly fishing for peacock bass at Rio Mariť and truly captures the spirit of Rio Mariť. Moen also included some incredible footage of peacock bass attacking flies! PBA members can check out this trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frflavF7Vgc&feature=youtu.be . They can watch the full film in the new issue of Catch Magazine and at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival." – Rodrigo Salles, Untamed Angling


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