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Welcome to our helpful informational web link service where members can find and access a variety of useful details while planning their travel activities to peacock land or any other place for that matter. PBA members are encouraged to let us know of other important informational websites that we should offer in this service. Please add this page to your favorites now. While we will have a link in each future issue of "The World of Peacock Bass" Newsletter/eZine, this is a members-only page and will not be accessible from other pages on our site.

  • Air Traffic Delays - Current status provided by the FAA Air Traffic Control System indicates current general US airport conditions and wait times at security checkpoints.
  • Brazil Visa Forms and Expediting Service - Get the appropriate jurisdictional visa forms from our special kit and expedite your application at a big discount with the world's leading travel document specialist.
  • Brazilian Consulate Offices in the U.S - A list of consulates offices and which states (jurisdiction) each office covers, for obtaining your visa direct.
  • Currency Exchange - Day to day Currency Conversion rates
  • Health Information For Travelers - Current info on diseases, vaccinations recommended for specific destinations by the U.S. National Center for Infectious Diseases (Center for Disease Control)
  • Hurricane Tracking - The most comprehensive weather tracking system, important to plan your schedule through the Southern U.S. and Caribbean.
  • International Phone Codes - Country and city codes for international direct dialing worldwide.
  • Language Translation - Fala Portuguese? Habla Espanol? Use this website to translate any phrase or sentence from or to the English language. However, to view our PBA website in another language, simply click the Babel Fish logo at the bottom of each page.
  • Luggage Limits - Search the latest on luggage allowance, fees and other information based upon your airline and flight.
  • Passports (new & renewals) & Brazil Visa Online - Get all required forms to expedite your passport and visa official applications at a discount with the world's leading travel document specialist.
  • Peacock Weight Calculator/Translation Sheet - By measuring the length and girth of your peacock bass you will accurately determine its weight with this easy carry-on calculator.
  • Temperature Conversion - The formula for converting degrees Centigrade to degrees Farenheit is oF = (oC x 9/5) + 32. For example Manaus, Brazil has a year around average minimum temperature (every month) of 24 oC or 75 oF. Its average maximum temperature varies from 31 oC or 88 oF in February to 33 oC or 92 oF in October!
  • TSA Travel Tips - Tips for travelers from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.
  • U.S. State Department Warnings - International travel warnings for countries and areas from the US Dept. of State.
  • Weather Forecast - Current temperature, winds, humidity and skies information, plus 10-day weather forecasts for local destinations and around the world.
  • Weight and Measure Conversion - Determine U.S. unit weights, distances, volumes and temperatures. For example, a 12 kilogram fish weighs 26.4 pounds and a 35o C temperature is equivalent to 95o F!


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