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Global Rescue- Worldwide Medical and Security Evacuation Services

When It's Your Life on the Line

The Peacock Bass Association strongly recommends that you
enroll with Global Rescue prior to embarking on your trip.


Peacock Bass fishermen travel around the world in search of a great trophy. These adventures are always fun and exciting, however, unavoidable accidents can and do occur. A medical evacuation from the field will cost thousands of dollars with a full evacuation back home reaching upwards of $100,000. For this reason, we have made Global Rescue, a crisis response company with no restrictions on destination or activity, our preferred evacuation provider.

Global Rescue picks up where travel insurance leaves off, and that is a very big "where." Insurers very rarely pay for a medical evacuation - the cost of which is measured in the tens of thousands of dollars. And if they do,  they'll take you to the "closest appropriate hospital." If you suffer a heart attack or contract a life -threatening virus in the Amazon, your definition of "appropriate" will be vastly different from theirs when it's your life that's on the line.

Global photoGlobal Rescue has evacuated countless sportsmen and adventurers from locations around the world who otherwise might not have made it home. The air ambulance, real-time medical advice from specialists at Johns Hopkins, and deployable paramedics and security teams made up of special operations veterans are included in the price of a membership, which start at $119.

Their paramedics airlifted an injured 70+ year old man from the slopes of the world's deepest canyon in Peru, using only a signal fire to alert the medevac chopper. On another occasion, they flew desperately needed heart medicine on a bush plane to a fisherman in the heart of the Yukon.

Be prepared before your next trip to the Amazon. It could mean your life.

Global Rescue Information or Enroll Now!


Global Rescue
115 Broad Street, Suite 350, Boston, MA 02110, USA
Phone:  800-381-9754 (use CDC code PBA)
e-mail:  jhendrickson@globalrescue.com; jrose@globalrescue.com
website:  www.globalrescue.com

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