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Daiichi Hooks

Daiichi Hooks are known for their superior points.

2LarryLarsen20# Daiichi Treble HookPeacock Bass 7X Trebles Now Available - The new Daiichi 7X Bleeding Bait treble hooks designed for peacock bass and other super strong fish are now in stock You can find the 7X #D98Q Treble, Wide Gap Bleeding Bait Finish hooks that are "ridiculously strong for Peacock Bass" in our online catalog at http://ttiblakemore.com/shop/index.php ?main_page=product_info&cPath=123&products_id=659.


Here are some photographs of "brand name" hook points taken by an electron microscope.Things get ugly at 350 power - but Daiichi remains beautiful! Besides the point, the other factor of sharpness (the ability to penetrate) concerns the barb. The Daiichi hooks have two types of low profile barbs, allowing for faster penetration. Minibarb - the standard Daiichi barb - cuts into 40% of the hooks' wire diameter. Microbarb provides the ultimate combination of sharpness and holding power, cutting into only 20% of the wire.

 Hooks Daiichi




Rated at 80, Daiichi hooks hammer competitors in their carbon content. This translates to harder steel and sharper points. Carefully flex the hook gap a little. This combination of strength while maintaining flexibility separates the top quality hooks from the others! Daiichi takes longer to temper their hooks, but as you can feel, it's worth it.

About Bleeding Bait Hooks® - Our research proves that the Bleeding Bait color triggers the natural feeding response two ways: Fish Naturally Strike Blood/Injury-Bleeding Bait simulate the Gill Flash Feeding Signal. Visit: www.bleedingbaithooks.com for more information. 

Stoopid Rig PeacockDaiichi's "Stoopid" Rig Catches Peacock - Here's what you need!

  1. A soft plastic shad-type bait
  2. A HitchHiker Rigging Device. (Open the eye a little.)
  3. A 5/0 or 6/0 Bleeding Bait, Octopus Wide Hook - "The Daiichi Octopus Wide™ hook features tough 80-carbon steel and the Bleeding Bait® finish that simulates the "Gill-Flash" feeding signal. The large HitchHiker™ holds the shad-type soft plastic securely while allowing a freer action"

Daiichi HooksNote: TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group is also home of the Blakemore® Road Runner®, Bucktail Lure for Peacock. Visit: www.blakemore-lure.com for more info.


TTI - Blakemore Fishing Group-Daiichi Hooks
P O Box 1177, Wetumpka, AL 36092
Phone (800)774-6657  FAX (334)567-9788
e mail - info@tticompanies.com
website - www.daiichihooks.com

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