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Communications Are Important

5 Bar Communications is an important ingredient in knowledge that anglers can utilize to make a peacock bass fishing trip more successful. Members and non-members alike can check out the Peacock Bass Fishing Forum. You will find current info (postings) on the latest tactics, tackle, water levels, field reports, etc. filed by all of our PBA members. Much of the "hot" news about airlines, water levels of other things that affect fishing is discussed frequently. You'll find info on upcoming TV shows, sports shows and other media covering peacock bass in one of our categories. In fact, you'll find over 2,200 articles posted on the forum that cover the world of peacock bass.

Members that have a question can post it and get a reply from other members that may know, or at least have an opinion. If you want to post or reply to a post, you'll have to be a member and register. If you just want to read the articles, you don't even need to be a member or register. Registration is another benefit of belonging to PBA.

DVDAnother source of knowledge are the books and DVDs on peacock bass fishing that are available through this website and others. Here's a letter that I received from a happy customer: "Larry, I did get the package and the video was *OUTSTANDING*; In fact I have already watched it twice! My wife watched part of the video with me and now she understands the (and my) fascination with peacock bass fishing. I hope that you will do more videos in the future. Thanks again,"

By the way, members get a $3 discount off regular price of the video. To order online, visit www.peacockbassassociation.com, or contact Peacock Bass Association, Dept. "Vid2PB", 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland, FL 33812; or e-mail info@peacockbassassociation.com.


Larry's Peacock Bass Log … So many individuals always offer to travel in Larry's suitcase that we thought some of you may find Larry Larsen's personal Peacock Bass Log of interest. Several things are tracked including his largest peacock, his best day and week on the water, his trips, his world records and other accomplishments as they relate to peacock bass. You'll be able to keep tabs on his peacock bass over 10 pounds, those "teeners" (over 13 pounds) and his number over 20 pounds, which currently stands at 18. With each trip this coming season, the log will be updated. His highlights, while certainly not records in most cases, might help other develop goals of their own to work toward. To view them, visit the website at www.peacockbassassociation.com and click on the sidebar at "Larry's Peacock Bass Log".

  SeptCalcPeacock University -  Length & Girth Data - In the mid 90's I did quite a bit of research on the length, girth and weight of peacock bass over 12 pounds. My results led to the publishing of my Peacock Weight Calculator (A laminated copy with Comprehensive Spanish or Portuguese Translations of common words on the back side is available to order through our website). Several generalizations/conclusions can be made from my findings, which may interest PBA members. In careful observations and measurements of over 100 fish then (and a few hundred since), here are my general conclusions (with just a few exceptions):

A 20-pounder must measure at least 35 inches and have a girth of 22 inches if it swims in Venezuela lagoons.

A 20-pounder must measure at least 32.5 inches and have a girth of 22 inches if it swims in Brazil lagoons.

A Venezuela "teener" (peacock over 13 pounds) must measure at least 29.5 inches and have a girth of 18.5 inches or more.

A Brazil "teener" must measure at least 28.5 inches and have a girth of 18.5 inches or more.

Venezuela peacocks (over 13 pounds) of the same weight almost always have a longer body than Brazil fish.

The closest formulas that I have developed are (length x girth x girth divided by 825) for Venezuela peacocks and (length x girth x girth divided by 875) for Brazil peacocks. In general, this is very accurate, almost always within one pound of certified scales.

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