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The Explosive Battle

     Explosive BattleWhile peacock bass are similar to largemouth in many ways, they are tougher, meaner and bigger.  Their strength seems impossible for a fish even twice their size. Peacock bass seldom find a menu item they don't like and after dark, they sleep a full night. As a result, they feed voraciously, but only during daylight hours.

     Peacock bass are "demons" that are not affected by the moon; I have had tremendous fishing days on full moons and then equally great days two weeks later on a quarter moon.

     The peacock bass being something of a thug is a real challenge.  Many fish roam in schools, but the peacock bass is known for roaming in gangs. A hooked fish triggers the others in the school to search and destroy prey of their own.  Leaving a hooked fish in the water until a second one nearby is hooked may prolong the excitement.

     Their ferocious reputation for violent blasts of lures inspired my first book on the species. These addictive strikes may occur the instant the lure lands or they may occur the instant the lure is lifted from the water at boatside. At times, two or more peacocks may go after the same lure or even two casts to the same general area.

     Peacock "doubles" by two anglers are fairly common, as is catching two very competitive fish on the same plug.  A seductive lure often triggers a race for it.  Most addicts have had this experience.

    Peacock netted SuccessMy fishing partners know that I like to use a "team" approach to catching peacocks.  Either of us is allowed, make that requested, to toss a lure toward any sign of a fish, strike or hook-up.  A quick and accurate caster can increase hook-ups two-fold sometimes.  On one occasion, lure maker Sam Griffin and I had 12 doubles in one day.  And, we each had more single hook-ups than that.

     Luring us further into the addiction is the fact that the peacock has extremely powerful jaws that can destroy lures and egos.  A strong hook set is required to drive the steel into their bony mouth, so the hooks should be needle-sharp.  In fact, an addict's paraphernalia should always include a hone sharpener.

     You'll have a battle "royale" on your hands from the minute a peacock slams the bait and rips off several yards of line, if it can. It is probably best to set the drag for a 20-pounder and not try to adjust the drag during the fight.  The fish will jump frequently and rattle their gills in an exciting display power and control.  Don't count the battle over until the fish is landed. And remember, both of you have been "hooked."

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