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Peacock  Bass  Association
 Executive Director: Larry Larsen

The World of Peacock Bass
August-October 2018
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association


© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:

        • Uneuixi River Fishing Rights Signed
        • Peacock Bass Tackle to Check Out in 2019
        • Outfitter's Team Building Meetings Convene
        • Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass
        • Untamed Angling is Working to Improve Environment
        • New Lodge Operation on Tapajos River
        • Fire in Shasta County California
        • We Get Mail (Xingu Indian Project Authorization Renewed, Brazil Visa Processing in Just 5 Days?)
        • Member Comment/Reprint Policies

1A UneuixiR&GUneuixi River Fishing Rights Signed – Negotiations were recently completed between River Plate Angler´s independent Brazilian operators and four Indian tribes and Brazilian authorities for the exclusive fishing rights to the upper Uneuixi River, according to Rod & Gun Resources co-owner J.W. Smith. "The reserve near Santa Isabel is one of the last vestiges of untouched trophy peacock bass fishing in the Amazon," he says. "The lower part of the concession was last fished by our groups in 2005. In 1B UneuixiR&GNovember of that year, one of our clients landed eight peacocks over 20 pounds." The upper half of the river has never been sport-fished, according to the long-time outfitter and PBA Supporting Member, and both river sections have numerous lagoons and oxbow lakes. "The river fishes best from mid-August through November - the normal low-water season," J.W. points out. "We have improved logistics to access and operate in these extremely remote areas, and our very shallow-draft tunnel barges enable us to stage supplies and fuel closer to the camp." The new fishery is priced at $5,595 per angler, which includes the arrival-night hotel in Manaus and the float plane air charter to and from the camp. For more information or reservations, contact J.W. or Dawn Smith at dsmith@rodgunresources.com or call 800-211-4753.

Peacock Bass Tackle to Check Out in 2019 - Each year in mid-July, the world's largest sportfishing trade 2A LiveTargetshow called the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades or simply ICAST is held in Orlando so that tackle dealers, wholesalers and the outdoor media can review new products for the upcoming year from the industry's manufacturers. This year, the largest number ever (more than 15,000 industry representatives from the global sportfishing industry) were present at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, including more than 1,000 media outlets. Over 2 days, I canvassed the show for the latest innovations in tackle, gear, accessories and apparel. There were lots of new tackle products and accessories scheduled for the 2019 market that might appeal to traveling peacock bass anglers. Some of my finds at the show included a couple of big lures for big peacock and some others that should be productive on all sizes from mid-size to giant! Live Target introduced the Perch Swimbait, a soft plastic, natural profile replica that has factory-rigged hooks and a unique oscillator tail. The model #EPS200MS255 is 8 inches long and weighs over 4 ounces so it will cast down the lagoon or easily to the middle! SPRO introduced their BBZ-1 Rat 50 lures that, you 2B RatLureguessed it, resemble rats. The "Walking Wake" Rats are jointed and come with two big trebles and a long, segmented rat tail that is interchangeable. It is not a huge capybara but it does resemble a baby rodent, and I'm very anxious to try it this coming season. Also, some new lures to try on the toughest fish in the world are the 5 3/8-inch long Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow (BBMB JT WAKE MNW) and for those slightly deeper waters, the 5 ½-inch long Rapala X-Rap Magnum Divebait (XFRMAG10 WHU) which may reach 10-foot depths. You may want to change out the hooks on both though to make sure than 26-pounder doesn't get away. One of the most exciting lures that I found at ICAST is the Baitball Spinner Rig by Live Target. This bait looks like one of the so-called Alabama or Umbrella Rigs but has less and shorter (but strong) wires with three interchangeable "teaser" swimbaits up top, a willow blade spinner near the forward middle and the lead head with jig hook and slightly larger "target" swimbait at the bottom. This bait with its smaller size and true spinnerbait design is much easier to cast and retrieve than the umbrella rigs of a few years ago. I've got ½ ounce and ¾ ounce size Baitball Spinner Rigs to toss and a couple of packets of interchangeable 3-inch "teasers" and 3 ½-inch "targets" to repair any mangled soft plastics, and I can't wait to try them out on the giant schooler peacock bass of the Amazon!

Outfitter's Team Building Meetings Convene – Acute Angling's Blackwater Explorer Yacht, Multi-species Lodge and Floating Bungalow operations met in Manaus Brazil at their home-base hotel, the Nobile Suites, recently for their annual Team Building meetings which are vital to their success, according to outfitter 3B Paul ReissPaul Reiss. "Each operation is staffed by a full team of highly-trained and experienced professionals, but despite all of them working for us in Brazil, many of them never see each other in the course of our regular operating season," he says. "They are widely dispersed in our remote operations so it takes a unified effort to bring us all to the same place at the same time. We've been operating Amazon trips for a long time now, and we have carefully resolved almost all of the challenges and polished almost all of the pieces that make up our complex programs. But managing groups of traveling anglers makes for challenging programs and keeping all the teams pulling together is a complicated process. There are always new things to consider, new problems to address and new improvements to be made, so we put all of our heads together to find the best solutions and the best way forward." After Acute Angling's clients return from their trips, each receives a post-trip questionnaire, according to Paul. A committee of managers review the comments and suggestions and share them with their team. "Sometimes one of our 3A Paul Reissoperations has already figured out how to solve a problem that's affecting another, but other times, it takes a brainstorming session where everyone tackles a question together to find a unique answer," he explains. "Better yet, solutions such as those are personally owned and valued by team members. When a non-literate camp worker explains how to handle an inventory problem to a college -educated manager, or when an indigenous fishing guide clarifies a client concern to a multi-lingual host, we know we've just benefitted in an immeasurable way. That's the beauty of having everyone communicating together." Over 40 Acute Angling employees and team members arrived from their far-flung home towns (some traveling as long as two days by boat), and then spent two days together this past June. Paul noted that they all worked, dined and relaxed together. "We shared every aspect of our business process and returned home better able to work together and understanding far better how to help our team achieve its goals," boasts Paul. "No other Amazon operation does this. It's expensive, time consuming, and frankly not a part of their business model or marketing strategy, but it's a key part of ours. It has enormous value for our customer's satisfaction and satisfied customers come back. Repeat clientele is at the core of our business model and confident referrals are the meat of our marketing strategy!" For more information, contact Paul Reiss or Garry Reiss (866 832-2987) or email preiss@AcuteAngling.com.

4 BookFlyFly Fishing for Peacock Bass - Peacock bass are the ultimate fly rod fish and are known for their unbelievable power and speed, according to Guy Schoenborn. His Father Larry Schoenborn, pioneer and host of the popular television show Fishing the West, tackled basic and advanced fly fishing techniques, popular fly patterns, mistakes anglers make, equipment to bring, and much more in 2004 in a book titled, "Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass". "The first time Dad fished for Peacock Bass was in 1985 when he hosted two Fishing the West television shows in Brazil," says Guy. "He was immediately hooked, and this species became his favorite to pursue." Guy has recently updated the book with new fly patterns, equipment, and techniques and suggests that any fly fisher headed to the Amazon would discover a wealth of information in it. Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass is available on Amazon. The eBook is $2.99 and the paperback is $9.99. Both formats have color photos. For additional info, check out the link:   https://www.amazon.com/Fly-Fishing-Peacock-Bass-Amazon-ebook/dp/B07B2QG2K7

Untamed Angling is Working to Improve Environment – The outfitter firmly believes that they can make a difference, according to co-owners Marcelo Perez and Rodrigo Salles. "We are in continuous search of fresh and innovative ideas that can help us reduce our ecological footprint whether through the use of renewable
energy, proper waste management, or recycling," says Marcelo. "Our Untamed Angling team works very closely with the national parks, the reservations, and indigenous native territories in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon in order to ensure all ecotourism principles are followed and environmental normative engagements are respected." A few of their ongoing efforts include: 1. Their riverboat, Untamed Amazon, uses solar power generation for 100% of all electricity use. The system has 96 state-of-the-art German solar panel generators and three tons of Hitachi Solar Batteries – the most advanced Japanese battery system for solar power generation. The premium vessel also has its own sewage treatment plant, as well as a water filtration system and laundry rooms aboard. 2. Monitoring & surveillance program for the territory. Indigenous communities working at each of their destinations are involved in spearheading their sustainable sport fishing operations. This generates income for them and allows for improvements to their infrastructure while creating new opportunities for the young and also developing an innovative monitoring and surveillance program for the territory. 3. Preserving the almost 30 million acres of rainforest that their destinations comprise. Environmental reports are thoroughly produced every season, and Untamed Angling efforts are dedicated to studying the fish populations and their life cycles.

5TapajosEcoLodgeFlyShopNew Lodge Operation on Tapajos River - The Fly Shop is now offering fly fishing tours from the Ecolodge da Barra, a lodge located at the confluence of Teles Pires and Juruena Rivers, where the Tapajos River begins in Brazil, according to their spokesperson. The comfortable floating lodge built of rich hardwoods has 16 spacious air-conditioned guest rooms, each with a private bath and a riverfront patio. Anglers fish the Juruena, Teles Pires, and Tapajós Rivers and their tributaries, the Bararati and Aximari Rivers. In addition to those Amazon basin rivers, clients have access to more than a hundred pristine lakes and lagoons in a jungle filled with exotic birds. The waters are home to more than 20 species of tropical game fish, including piranha, jatuarana, brycon, bicuda, wolf fish, payara, arowana, jacunda, and two species of peacock bass. The Ecolodge da Barra was founded by a group of hardcore Brazilian fishing enthusiasts who joined forces to provide a modern, ultra-comfortable, and ecologically minded approach to fly fishing in the Amazon jungle. The entire lodge, including the dining room, bar, lounge and guest rooms is air conditioned. The outdoor tackle room was built by fishermen, for fishermen, with a huge rigging table, rod racks, overlooking the river and providing great views of the surrounding jungle, according to the Fly Shop representatives. For more information, contact The Fly Shop at phone 800-669-3474, or email Pat at travel@theflyshop.com.

ShastaCountyCAFire in Shasta County California - PBA received information about the current status of our PBA Supporting Member, The Fly Shop, relative to the ongoing Carr Fire in Shasta County near Redding California. They stated, "The Fly Shop is fine and we are all back at work. We are located to the east of Interstate 5 and most of the fire activity has been to the west, north and south – west of the Interstate. Many staff members of The Fly Shop have been evacuated from their homes, but we are safe and staying with friends and family. As of Monday, July 30th at 7:30 am, the fire has burned 98,724 acres and is 20% contained.  Six people have been killed and 1,000 (and climbing) homes have been lost. We remain strong as a community and hopeful that the thousands of firefighters on the line - and first responders - remain safe and can get this fire under control." Editor's Note: For the latest news on the Carr Fire please take a look at the following website: http://www.fire.ca .gov/current_incidents . Right now, they are calling it the seventh most destructible fire in California history. If any members of PBA would like to help the people of Redding and Shasta County, please consider donating to the Carr Fire Relief Fund. Click Here to Donate: http://bit.ly/CarrFireRelief


We Get Mail

Here are some of the emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

 X 7A Ianingu Indian Project Authorization Renewed - The Xingu Indian Project continues with the authorization renewed for more 2 years, according to Ian Sulocki of KaluaPesca and a long-time IGFA representative. "It's the best fishing spot in Brazil," he says. "You can catch all the species 7B Ianof catfish including the largest one, Piraiba, plus Wolfish, Peacock Bass (C.mirianae), huge Bicudas, matrinxa and 3 different species of Payara. There are also corvinas, pacus, tambaquis and many other exotic fish that will strike at any time." The unique "season" starts earlier that most Amazon peacock bass trips and runs from April to November. For more details and booking information, contact Ian Arthur Sulocki by email at ian@kaluapesca.com.br .

 B Cibtlogorazil Visa Processing in Just 5 Days? - Getting a visa for Brazil has never been faster, according to PBA's preferred Visa and Passport expeditor, CIBT. In some jurisdictions, they can obtain a Brazil visa for tourism in as little as 5 days. Get started today by getting the visa requirements for Brazil here.


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