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Fly-In Floating Mobile Suites


Location: Amazon Basin, Brazil
Type:  Lodge

Anglers Inn joins forces with River Plate Anglers to create the new Fly-In Floating Mobile Suites Fishing Exclusive Waters Only!

AAMobileSuite2Our new mobile suites fishing exclusive waters only are in a class by themselves. We have combined one of the greatest fishing outfitters in the world with the greatest freshwater sports fishery on the planet. "Anglers Inn Amazon" is the brainchild of Billy Chapman, one of the world's best adventure outfitters who was recently inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for the many trails he has already blazed into the heart of the untapped territories that most fishermen only dream about. He recognized the potential of the Amazon territories as a prime fishing destination more than 30 years ago.

Billy Chapman joined forces with Luis Brown's River Plate Anglers to create, design and built the new "Floating Mobile Suites."   The new Anglers Inn Mobile Suites move like a water train beyond natural barriers to pristine, exclusive reserves, reducing long boat rides and bringing all the comforts of a Five-Star Resort into the jungles of South America. The Anglers Inn Floating Mobile Suites are a testimony to what a fisherman would want in comfort and use of space, in addition to putting you in an environment where every day there is the potential of catching a world-record fish.

If you want to fish for peacock bass in remote, unpressured waters of the Amazon Basin and live in absolute comfort while you do so, Anglers Inn Amazon has the best of both worlds waiting for you.  The new Anglers Inn Mobile Suites® move like a water train beyond natural barriers to pristine, exclusive reserves only!

Call for information at 1-800- GOTA-FISH (1-800-468-2347) or visit www.anglersinn.com and sign up to receive fishing reports and e-newsletters.


Fishing Season

Southern Amazon - July through October
Northern Amazon - November through April

No. of Days in Itinerary: 9

 No. of Days Fishing: 6

Trip Fee Range

 $4,250 - $5,550

Itinerary starts in:

Manaus, Brazil. International airfare not included.


Booking Contacts


Anglers Inn Amazon, 8001-E N. Mesa #600, El Paso TX 79932
Phone (800)468-2347
e mail - info@anglersinn.com
website - www.anglersinn.com


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