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The World of Peacock Bass
April 2008
Official Newsletter/eZine of the Peacock Bass Association
© Larry Larsen, Executive Director

In This Issue:   

  1. PBA's World Trophy Peacock Contest Results
  2. Acute Angling Offers Mini-Exploratories
  3. Safety a Primary Concern
  4. Deadliest Road Runner Lure in 50 Years
  5. Yellow Fever & Hepatitis A&B InfoSat, 10/13/2007 - 17:22 lostnthemix  
  6. Revamp Your Tackle Box
  7. New "Second" Bag Policy On Flights
  8. Thank You New Supporting Members!
  9. We Get Mail (Changes/Bookings at TAM, Igapo Acu Update, Record Fish Taken?)
  10. Web Notes of Interest
  12. Member Comment/Reprint Policies

Nelson BurnellPBA's World Trophy Peacock Contest Results - Our Second Annual World Trophy Peacock Bass Contest over the past 8 months is complete with 13 eligible entries from 12 individual PBA members (only the largest from each member counted). The Grand Prize Winner is Nelson Burnell of North Lawrence, Ohio who caught a monster 26-pound fish. He will receive a tackle package including a Shimano 300 DSV reel, Power Pro braided line and a selection of peacock bass lures from Quest Tackle. A Second Place Prize of a beautiful custom 3-piece Woodchopper Casting Rod by Dink Alston, master craftsman and owner of Goldrush Dave BuechnerCustom Rods will go to Dave Buechner of Sturgeon Bay, WI. Buechner caught a 22 pound, 5 ounce peacock. A third "wild card" award of an Amazon Grade Clothing package including tactical fishing shirt, zip-off pants and Activewear fishing jersey from QuesTackle is going to an entrant selected via a random drawing of all other PBA members with entries. That lucky person is John Gore of Sorrento, FL.(whose fish incidentally was smaller than 7 other entries). A fourth prize of a 3-year PBA Membership Extension is being awarded to the person having the largest peacock bass AND a PBA embroidered patch (or shirt embroidered with "Peacock Bass Association") showing in the photo of the angler and big fish. John GoreThat 3-year PBA Membership extension goes to Dave Buechner who was wearing a great looking PBA cap! As stated in the Contest Rules, all those other PBA individuals who entered a 13 pound or better peacock bass in our free contest will be receiving their tackle prize (a value of more than $10) within the next couple of weeks. With only 12 eligible individuals and 4 prizes, the odds were pretty good for those who submitted entries by the deadline and followed the rules. Click Here to see a posting of all photo entries is on our website. Our thanks again go to our great PBA Supporting Members PBA Supporting Members, Scott Swanson of QuesTackle (; email: and Amazon Grade Lures/Clothing (email: and Dink Alston of Goldrush Custom Rods (email: donated the great awards for this contest!  Congratulations to all!

Acute Angling Offers Mini-Exploratories - Paul Reiss acknowledges that he has poked his nose into just about every piece of water in the Amazon basin that Cichla temensis calls home. But the Acute Angling owner/operator notes there are still dozens of rivers in Brazil with other awesome Catfishsportfish that he'd like to fish. "Some just don't lend themselves to our normally easy peacock bass exploratory format," he says. "Some are smaller waters, some are extremely distant from Manaus, and some just don't provide easy access for commercial scale visits. So we're planning some exploratory trips that will be limited to smaller numbers of anglers (perhaps 4 or 6) and might require longer, possibly more arduous logistical access, meaning either longer total trip length or shorter fishing time. Costs might be higher, but the reward when an exploratory pays off is a chance to be among the first to experience an untouched, unfished environment." The first Acute Angling adventure in September is an exotic fishery in northwestern Para state. Reiss expects to encounter peacocks, payara, pirapitinga and giant catfish. They are planning a Research Trip in the fall of 2008 as well. "The first hurdles of the application process for a proposed scientific research project to measure the socio-economic and ecological impact of sportfishing for peacock bass have been successfully navigated," he says. "The project, subject to approval, will offer a group of selected volunteers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assist scientists in catching, tagging and releasing peacock bass on a protected and unfished river. The fishing is expected to be fantastic and anglers will enjoy the chance to be an important part of a study that may help protect the peacock bass for future generations." Interested anglers for this trip or the other exploratories should contact Paul Reiss of Acute Angling at 908-832-2987 or email him at 

Safety a Primary Concern - Amazon Fishing Adventures is even more prepared for medical emergencies with the addition of AED equipment at each of their operation, according to owner/operator Don Cutter. "The average age of our typical client is 50 years old," he says. "A AEDremote trip to the Amazon carries some level of risk as we are in a very remote area, the temperature and humidity high and the fishing quite strenuous. In addition to a complete first aid kit, Amazon Fishing Adventures possesses AED's or Automatic External Defibrillators." An AED is a device about the size of a laptop computer that analyzes the heart's rhythm for any abnormalities and, if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the victim. This shock, called defibrillation, may help the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm of its own. An AED is easy to operate, according to Don. "It uses voice prompts to instruct the rescuer," he explains. "Once the machine is turned on, the rescuer will be prompted to apply two electrodes provided with the AED to the victim's chest. Once applied, the AED will begin to monitor the victim's heart rhythm. If a 'shockable' rhythm is detected, the machine will charge itself and instruct the rescuer to stand clear of the victim and to press the shock button. Although we hope to never have to use these devices, it is comforting to know that we have them and can use them until emergency evacuation occurs.  We know of no other operation that offers the AED to its clients." For more information, contact Don at 1-888-626-2966 or email him at

LureDeadliest Road Runner Lure in 50 Years - The new Rock'n Runner has more action than ever before, according to T.J. Stallings of the TTI/Blakemore Group. "While the original Road Runner is part of nearly every angler's arsenal, this new lure offers fish more, with flash, vibration, contrast, sound and a slower presentation capability," says T.J. "It features a quality skirt, a Bleeding Bait hook and a "wobble-blade" attached to the hook eye. The lure is tied onto the blade's snap; giving the lure a secondary axis, thus the rocking action." For peacock bass, the 3/8-ounce Rock'n Runner comes in five colors including white, white/chartreuse, chartreuse, Fire-Tiger and Black 'n Blue Bluegill. It should be a good one for peacocks in muddy waters due to its plenty of flash. To see the lure in action, go to: PBA members wanting more information may visit

AA LogoYellow Fever & Hepatitis A&B Info - David Caywood of Amazon Angling LLC offers some good advice in an interesting article on his website. Yellow fever occurs in certain jungle locations of South America, where the virus is maintained in a cycle among forests, mosquitoes, and monkeys. Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted between humans by a mosquito. General precautions to avoid mosquito bites should be followed. These include the use of insect repellent, protective clothing, and mosquito netting. Yellow fever is a very rare cause of illness in travelers, but most countries have regulations and requirements for yellow fever vaccination that must be met prior to entering the country.  Yellow Fever Vaccine - This vaccine is administered as a one single injection. It can be administered by your local health department or a travel medicine clinic at a nearby major hospital. Family physicians will not have access to this vaccine. Do not take the vaccine if you are allergic to eggs or are pregnant. The South Americaimmunization, and resultant certificate, is valid 10 days after vaccination. You will not need a booster for 10 years. Hepatitis A transmission may occur by direct person-to-person contact, from contaminated water, ice, or shellfish harvested from sewage-contaminated water; or from fruits, vegetables or other foods which are eaten uncooked, but which may become contaminated during handling. Recent studies have shown that many cases of travel-related hepatitis A occur in travelers with "standard" tourist itineraries, accommodations, and food and beverage consumption behaviors. Depending on the particular vaccine you receive, it is typically given in two doses, the second dose anywhere from 6-18 months after the first. Although much more difficult to contract (typically through IV drug use, sexual contact and other contacts with blood and body fluids), your local health department, travel medicine clinic or physician may advise a Hepatitis B vaccine as well. For other interesting pre-planning info, visit David's website at .

ShopRevamp Your Tackle Box - QuesTackle is offering a great opportunity for you to refurbish your tackle box by creating two 2008 "New Lure" Packages: standard (with 10 lures for $99.95) and deluxe (with 15 lures for $139.95). These packages will be a sampler of the new lures QuesTackle is carrying in the store this season. From subsurface baits to soft plastics, spoons to subwalks, topwater baits and the new frogs; these packages will give you a unique chance to test the new lures on the market. And, as always, QuesTackle would like feedback (stories and photographs) of all exciting catches with the lures. For more info, contact Scott Swanson at

LuggageNew "Second" Bag Policy On Flights - Many airlines are now charging (or will be shortly) customers for checking a second bag on all flights. Charges vary. Under most programs, you get to check one bag free plus carry-on bags. Some exceptions to the additional bag charge may be those having elite status in frequent flyer programs with the airline and those flying first class. The additional revenue generated from this new policy is to "offset rising costs." All travelers should check with their airline prior to departure to see if there is a charge for the second bag (if they plan on taking one) and how much it is.

Thank You New Supporting Members! 

I want to thank our newest Supporting Member, Ron Speed, Jr. of  Exotic Outdoor Adventures, L.L.C. for expanding PBA. Ron was a PBA member for 4 years and is now back with his new operation and his original Amazon Clipper houseboat. Check out his informational page (under Amazon Clipper) and Contact Listing in our PBA World Peacock Bass Directory.  Please drop him a welcome email or note. The growth of our Supporting Member base continues! I hope all Individual Members appreciate new SM involvement in PBA

We Get Mail 

Here are some of the short emails and news releases we have received with topics that might be of interest to all members. I always encourage PBA Members to email brief comments or news to us.

TAMChanges/Bookings at TAM -  "Hi Larry, There are a few items concerning travel.  First of all there are still unconfirmed rumors that there will be a second non-stop from Miami to Manaus as well as a flight from LAX to Brazil.  TAM is upgrading its fleet with new aircraft and hopefully some of these aircraft will make the U.S.-Brazil market. Tam has also changed its extra luggage cost to $100 per piece, so you are allowed 2 checked pieces up to 70 pounds per piece and each additional piece is $100. Group space prices also have gone up, so my advice is to book individually super early.  We have the inventory in our system 331 days in advance, so to ensure the best price that's the time to book. These fares are also available on our website We also have a new free ticket incentive for outfitters who book small groups with us early. They can call me for details. Thank you for all you do!"  Kevin Martin, Martin Travel Services

Peacock Bass Fishing - Amazon Angel Igapo Acu Update - "Hey Larry, Here's an update on our successful negotiations for reinstating our access to the Igapo Acu region. All that remains now is finalizing the paperwork and getting it signed. We expect that to be concluded shortly. So we are pleased to say, with 99% confidence that we'll be returning to this wonderful area next fall with even better results than usual. Fishing should be fantastic, considering the region has not been fished since 2005. In early fall 2008, the Blackwater Explorer is scheduled to roam this region until late October. Our trips are filling fast, but some spaces are still available on the planned weeks. Interested parties can contact me at 908-832-2987 for the latest update." Paul Reiss, Acute Angling.

Record? Record photo?Record Fish Taken? - "Hi Larry, the guy who is caught the peacock in the attached photos is Marcos Prado Borsari from Sao Paulo. He claims to have weighed this peacock at 12.5 kilos (or 27.5 pounds) on the guide's imitation BogaGrip.  What do you think? Thanks and keep up the great informative work." Bob D.

"Hi Bob, Thanks for sending the pics along. It is hard to say just how big this is. Definitely over 20#s. Could be 25, 23 or 27. Just can't tell from a photo. Length and girth measurements would let me hone in on a close approximate weight. I caught a fish that was 11.5 kilos this season and it was similar in that it was very deep and had a 24 1/2-inch girth, so it was wide also. The fish in the photos also appears to have a very deep body and it could be broad as well. That's where the giants put on their weight. As many know, a wide-angle camera lens can make a 15 pounder look huge and the wrong lens with fish taken from a far distance away can make a 25 pounder look relatively small." - Larry

Editor's Note: I have included a couple of the pics to let our members comment.

ForumWeb Notes of Interest - The PBA website continues to be viewed by lots of interested people. We had 10,000 hits on March 10 and almost that many on March 4. On the first day of February, the site had  over 16,000 hits. Hits are a combo of visitors and pages read.  Our Forum and World Peacock Bass Directory are the two most popular sections visited on the PBA site. Our merchandise sales section is not far behind. PBA website hits average almost 9,500 on Mondays, the most active day (with Tuesday and Saturday very close), and none of these statistics count roving spider/bot visits from search engines and directories!


The New CLUB CONCIERGE for-Members-Only service is available to provide helpful information via web links. PBA members with internet access can Click here to access
CLUB CONCIERGERemember, this is a members-only page, and it is not be accessible from other pages on our site.

Member Comment/Reprint Policies...  All members are encouraged to email eZine/Newsletter Feedback/Comments by clicking here or send me letters about news, issues and topics. Only signed letters with email address are considered. PBA will not publish material/letters that are libelous in nature or testimonials. Permission to reprint from The World of Peacock Bass Newsletter must be obtained from PBA. - Larry


All rights reserved © 2001-2008 Larry Larsen.  No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any mean s without permission in writing from the association. Factual information, names, addresses and telephone numbers are subject to change and often do. We have tried to bring you the most updated information available. The Peacock Bass Association is not liable for problems associated with the reliability of information provided on our website or printed materials. Website design by Lilliam M. Larsen

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