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Bait Casting 
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:33 am Reply with quote
Don Cutter
The most important thing I have found about the Shimano reels is that the adjustments need to be customized to your bait and to your casting ability. The mechanican brake - normally on the left side of the reel should have about 3 stops opened up - equally spaced. The cast control - the knob on the right of the reel should be adjusted so that the lure drops from the tip of the rod to the ground very slowly. Once it touches the ground there should be no over-run on the spool of the reel. If so simply tighten until it performs properly. As you become more proficient, you can reduce the mechanical break stops to two and adjust the cast control knob accordingly. Ideally, you should be able to cast without use of your thumb control and the spool will stop its spin once the lure hits the water. Your reel should be capable of that.

Be aware that some braided line does have a tendency to bury into the spool. For that reason, I would encourage you to use Power Pro, Tuff-Line or Izorline. I have found these lines to be very effective.

Here is hoping your casts are great and that your trip to the Unini pays off for you.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:35 am Reply with quote
Dink Alston
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The problem you describe is experienced by all who use braid line on a baitcaster. As Don said, its caused by the line either digging in or having a wrap or two bury itself under the overlaying wraps. Its usually caused when you have applied pressure to the line either by catching a fish, getting hung up on something and trying to pull it loose, or even winding it in with the lure skittering and jumping and causing loose loops to form on your reel.

When you actually start fishing on the water, generally the drag against the lure is a little more consistent and you won't have the problem as much. But anytime you hang up in the brush and have to pull it loose, you probably should pull out some line after you have reeled it in to pull out the spot where the line dug in before you make your next cast.

Using 80# braid helps some, as the larger diameter doesn't dig in as easy as the smaller diameters.

Try this and see if it helps. While you are practice casting, just reel in your lure at a constant speed watching to see if the line is winding on the spool with a consistent tension. Then you shouldn't have the problem on your next cast. In my mind I visualize your lure hopping and jumping on the grass causing loose and tight spots on your spool as you retrieve. This doesn't happen when retrieving on the water. Don't get discouraged, as you practice, you will eventually develop a feel for it and will get less and less of the dig in problems. Anybody who tells you this doesn't happen to them on occasion is fibbing to you.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:25 pm Reply with quote
Bobby W. Foster
Hello Robert, my suggestion is use the Power Pro Line and do as the other guys mentioned by adjusting the settings till you get the needed results. You do not have much line capacity with that reel so do away with the mono and use the small piece of duct tape on the spool. You will come close to spooling 65lb. test line when chunking the big top water baits and if you go to 80 lb. I know you will. In the beginning I fished only with 80 lb. Power Pro, in the last couple years I have switched to a max. 65 lb. and some with 50 and 40 lb. without any problems. You will need to re-tie the line often when using the smaller line and make sure you use the recommended knot for max. strength. You are going to have a blast, look forward to your report on your return.

Bobby Foster
Bait Caster Troubles 
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