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Dark Colors on Prop Baits 
PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 1:19 pm Reply with quote
How well do the dark colored prop baits work, like the original Woodchopper "Woody" and HighRoller's "Black/Yellow"? Everyone seems to like the Halloween and Clown colors, but I don't see many anglers using the dark lures, although I own some.

Most anglers agree the sound and motion of the prop bait is most important, but I was wondering if the dark colors seem to work as well.

Any input is appreciated!
PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 6:18 pm Reply with quote
Art Weston
Joined: 17 Jan 2011
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Location: United States
I have used a black spook with some success ... but never a woodchopper in a dark color.

Different species, but I used a wood popper on my last Dorado trip with not color on it whatsoever ... I had the most success out of the bunch of us with topwater.

I would tend to agree, that color is not likely to matter much on top-water baits for Peacocks.
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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 9:54 am Reply with quote
Larry Larsen
Executive Director
Joined: 28 Dec 2004
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Location: Lakeland, FL
For years I didn't use many dark topwater lures because, like you said action is much more important than color (95% of the time - another estimate!), but over the past 10 years or so, I've concluded that a dark color might make a difference in mid-day (hottest part), heavy overcast conditions. I might use a black with orange belly Woodchopper or dark purple Pavon Prop or halloween Riproller then. That situation only occurs maybe 5% of the time but the dark color plug seems to make a difference then. I seldom throw any topwaters in pouring rain, except at the leading edge of the storm front that might blow in quickly. The rest of the time, stick with fire tiger, perch, peacock, parrot or anything with yellow, green & black.

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Larry Larsen
Executive Director
Peacock Bass Association
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:54 pm Reply with quote
Dan Hanon
Larry, it seems conventional wisdom among bass fisherman echos your experience with dark topwater prop baits. It makes sense that in low light (dawn/dusk/night/overcast), a dark colored topwater lure will provide a starker contrast against an already darkened sky-I imagine a fish looking up from the depths at the underbelly of the lure. I suppose a mid-toned color lure, like green or blue, could get "lost" when silhouetted against a low-light background. Then again, color probably isn't very important compared to the sound, motion, cadence, etc.

I never could understand all the color theories. I know that in muddy/turbid water, bright colors like firetiger and chartreuse are definitely winners. In relatively clear water, I try to "match the hatch" and use realistic colors/patterns. I also downsize my lures. I've read that blue and green are more effective in clear water, so I often use those on plastic worms and grubs when bass fishing in certain reservoirs and streams. I think silver/clear water and gold/stained watert are fairly universal choices. I've heard that the appearance of a color can change dramatically depending on water depth. So an orange lure 2 feet under the surface will look much different than when it's 10 feet under. But, color is just color.....
Dark Colors on Prop Baits 
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