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Really Mean Fish 
PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:21 am Reply with quote
Larry Larsen
Executive Director
Joined: 28 Dec 2004
Posts: 608
Location: Lakeland, FL
I agree with Bob on the list. Although I haven't caught New Guinea bass, I noticed they were left off the list (which surprized me). I have caught the majority of the others (except the shark species listed) and many of the fish shouldn't be listed. Let's talk about some really mean fish from our experiences.

I remember a friend that got hold of a really "mean" walleye (that's right, a walleye). In Canada several years ago, he and his partner fishing in another boat motored over to mine with evidence of the mean disposition of the 7-pounder. The fish had flipped and sunk a crankbait's 2/0 treble hook into his hand. The fish was still attached to the plug and he was yelling. We used the "line pop" method to remove the hook after we removed the fish. My friend decided to eat the "mean" fish rather than release it!

I also remember a 1/4 pound yellow bullhead catfish that stabbed me with his needle-sharp pectoral fins while I was trying to hold it. My hand ached for a day or two. I was about 8 years old and learned a valuable lession. Little fish can be mean too!

Those two species are not even on the OL List.

On a payara fishing trip in Venezuela years ago, a young interpreter/camp host with me caught a small 10 pound payara and wanted to hold it for a photo. The guide and I showed her how to hold it securely with gloves for a quick pic. Of course, it did one quick wiggle and fell to the bottom of the boat. On the way down, this "mean" fish with dentures to die for slashed her forearm with one of its teeth. We treated it with our first aid kit, but I'm sure she probably still bears a scar today from that mean fish!

I had another "mean" 15-pound peacock bass that battled me to the boat and then jumped beside it throwing the 7-inch Woodchopper at my partner and I. One of the 6X-strong treble hooks I was using on the plug sank into my partner's upper shin (front of his leg). Fortunately for us, the hook with barb buried popped out surprizingly easy (at least for me). I thought it might be in bone but apparently it was not. The "mean" peacock got away!

I'm sure some of you have similar stories. I look forward to seeing them.

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Larry Larsen
Executive Director
Peacock Bass Association
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Meanest fish 
PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:11 pm Reply with quote
Bob Daly
Joined: 09 Apr 2006
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Location: Whiting, Indiana
Top on my list is the only fish which knocked me on my face during the initial strike--my 40+lbs New Guinea Black Bass! Strongest fish I have landed as to date! Cool
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:12 pm Reply with quote
Rick Klotz
I might have the only 'mean' fish story involving a Warmouth. Long time ago I was fishing with my best friend and we were plastic worming for Largemouth in Illinois. I felt a bite and reared back hard of the hook set and a 5 inch Warmouth came flying out of the water and imbedded it's dorsal spines into my friend's thigh. Of course he was howling and I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of the boat. I guess it was more of a mean hook set rather than a mean fish, but we still laugh about it 30 years later.
Really Mean Fish 
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