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A bit of a repost, but I think this is BIG :) 
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:26 pm Reply with quote
Art Weston
Joined: 17 Jan 2011
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Location: United States
Ok, so I am a sucker for new technology ... so I bought the new Shimano DC7 Scorpion reel that I mentioned in another thread ... it arrived today from Japan. The DC stands for Digital Control and basically what it does it is automatically control the spool brake that is normally controlled by magnetic, centrifugal, etc. This one is controlled digitally and AUTOMATICALLY during each cast, and is powered by the act of casting itself. There are other US options but they cost a lot more.

I only had 65lb Sufix 832 laying around so I partially spooled up and went to the local pond. HOLY COW! I spooled it to the knot on my first cast using just a 1/2 oz. jig and my beef stick 6"2' woodchopper rod. Granted I am estimating I only had about 60 yards or so on the spool (but again 65lb braid), but it was materially farther than my spinning gear or my Quantum PT Smoke reel. I was so enamored that I spent the next 20 mins just casting for fun. I never needed to use my thumb EVER and I was hucking it as hard as I could w/o fear of backlash (it was fun to spool it to the knot). I did have one very small backlash when I tried to do a low trajectory fast "whip" cast for accuracy.

It really is amazing ... granted I am a novice with baitcasters as it is my 1st year using them (but used them every day on my last amazon trip). However, I think this is the "reel" deal :)

I linked a photo with proof that I have one (you can see Dink's GoldRush label on my rod).


Here are a few material issues:
- Cost about $330+Shipping
- Reel can only be bought in Japan (but you can easily find them on EBay as I did)
- Reel can be serviced here in the states, but if parts are needed, they may have to order from Japan and worst case it can take up to 3 months to repair.
- Spool size is smaller than I would prefer ... might not be enough for line above 50lb braid. I have to evaluate that more.

Here is what I gathered for the specs (could be wrong in areas):
Weight - 7.23 Oz
Drag - 10 lbs
Gear Ratio - 7.0:1 (for the DC7 Model ... there is a slower DC model)
Inches per Turn - 29.5 in. <--Seems more like 27-28 inches per crank
Hands - Both Right and Left hand models are available
Line Capacity for Mono:
12 lb = 142 yards
14 lb = 120 yards
16 lb = 109 yards (16 lb mono equivalent to 65 lb PowerPro) <-- I think it is a lot less than that.
20 lb = 87 yards (20 lb mono equivalent to 100 lb PowerPro)
So the specs seem very similar to the Shimano Currado 200 (if not for a bit more line capacity)
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A bit of a repost, but I think this is BIG :) 
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