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Which 3D Eye works best for these jig head colors? See Photo 
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:19 am Reply with quote
Art Weston
Joined: 17 Jan 2011
Posts: 238
Location: United States
Attached is a photo (if you click on it after it initially loads it will load a larger photo) with 7 eye colors for the standard Red/Yellow Jigs and the 2nd most popular the Red/White Jigs. Wanted to get some opinions before I epoxy them for good.



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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:36 pm Reply with quote
Dan Hanon
It doesn't matter which one you use, they're all fine.
You are right, to the fish it probably does not matter ... 
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:38 am Reply with quote
Art Weston
Joined: 17 Jan 2011
Posts: 238
Location: United States
The reason I was asking is I wanted to be able to provide a reccomendation to others that want to make jigs of there own what colors to order in case there was any logic for it. That would have helped me out when ordering eyes.

Given that, I think a reccomendation could be the following:
- For a two-tone jig head, match the eye to the lower or lighter color (i.e for the red/yellow head, use a yellow eye ... or for the red/white head, use a silver eye). This rule could also apply to the color of flashabou (so the eye color and the flashabou can match).
- For a one-tone jig head use the color that matches the dark color used in the buck tail covering the hook (i.e. for a standard red/yellow buck tail jig w/ a yellow jig head, use a red eye).

I can think of one exception, for those making a jig that resembles a peacock bass (using a green/yellow or full green head), to use a red eye to match the true color of their eyes.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:24 pm Reply with quote
Dan Hanon

You are over-obsessing about the jig eyes. I have only been to the Amazon once, but I caught 120 fish one day on jigs and they just had a bare lead jig head, no paint or eyes. What does that tell you?
Hard to know what matters ... 
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:59 pm Reply with quote
Art Weston
Joined: 17 Jan 2011
Posts: 238
Location: United States
Acute angling sells (or refers to tackle-box.net) jigs that are paintless and eyeless jigs as you describe (so you might have something there). From my estimation they are one of the top 4 peacock bass jig sellers out there:


Disadvantages for those seem to be they use pre-made jig heads that only accommodate a 4/0 hook (a Kalin head). They also sell jig making kits that by using these heads, it makes it easy on novice makers not have to buy hooks, a jig mold, a melter, etc. However, they are the only ones that use a rattle. Also in comparison they actually are the lightest jigs out there (coming in at almost exactly 0.50 ounces ... I have one).

Then you have the ultimate peacock bass jigs, that do use poured minnow heads on 5/0 hooks, painted two-tier heads with 3D eyes, but no rattle.


Then there is Caribe Lures that use poured h-style (the heaviest of the 1/2 oz options ... they come in just under 0.65 oz.) painted one tone heads with sticker eyes, and a 5/0 hook, but also no rattle.


Finally to round out the 4 there is Hagerty jigs that also use the h-style poured heads with one tone but only a 3/0 hook in the 1/2 oz. size (b/c that is the default size for the molds when purchased and don't need to be modified). They use a trailer hook, but no rattle.


There are few more sellers, but not many more than that.

So here is what I have gathered so far:

- Weight: matters ... stay close to 1/2 oz b/c you can get up to a 5/0 hook (but often are custom poured based on modified molds), casting distance is not impacted as with a 3/8 oz. head, and you don't want the jigs to run too deep on the retrieve (as with a 3/4 oz.).
- Hair Material: matters ... hands down all recommend buck tail due to how it reacts in water during retrieve to simulate a fish swimming that other options can't replicate.
- Buck Tail Color: matters ... almost all sellers recommend the red over yellow as #1, with red over white as #2. Color is impacted due to the level of water stain and clarity.
- Hook: Matters to degree ... stronger and larger the hook seems to be better, but there are few pre-made options (i.e. Kalin heads) and other mold options have to be customized. Not to mention the "best" hooks are very costly and would not be cost-effective to sell in a commercial option (i.e. the Owner 5319 hook).
- Head style: not sure it matters. Swimming/darting/bullet heads are typically recommended due to fast jig retrieve. However, one could argue that that might not matter much ... I think one could "swim" almost any 1/2 oz. jig head similarly.
- Head color: Not sure it matters. As evidenced by the tackle-box.net jig sales that sell a version that is not painted. However, all those useing a custom poured head paint theirs. Only theulitmatepeacockbassjigs.com sells the two-tone heads that require an additional painting step, that may be just to appeal to angler's ascetics than anything else. However, one could argue that if color matters in the buck tail, continuing the color logic to the head might matter to a degree.
- Eyes: Not likely important. All but that tackle-box.net use eyes, and most are epoxied on to make sure they stay put.
- Eye color: Not likely important. I had a very hard time finding any recommendations as to how to pair eye color to the primary jig colors. It seems it would be for ascetics purposes only. To confirm, that is why I asked the experts here at the PBA.
- Rattles: Might be important. Tackle-box.net uses them, but nobody else. They add an expense and complication to the jig build. Seems like could matter in stained or reduced visibility situations.
- Trailer hair: Matter. All uses buck tail trailers.
- Trailer color: Not sure it matters. All use the dark color hair that covers the hook section of the jig (i.e. in a red/yellow jig, all would use a red colored trailer). I have seen a few exceptions that use a black trailer.
I would think using a two-tone trailer would be overkill but a nice benefit. However, that is a more complicated trailer build.
-Trailer leader material: Matters to degree. Most use mono. Some outside the 4 sellers I mentioned use steel. Many on this board recommend mono so that the tail ungulates to help mimic swimming .. so mono lb test should be light enough to ungulate but not wrap around hook (i.e. 60lb to 80lb).
- Trailer hooks: Haggerty lures sells them, but most do not recommend due to snags and undulation limitations. I may have a option in this space that is unlike what others have tried. But we will have to wait until someone tries one to confirm if it works or not.
- Epoxy coating: Doesn't seem to matter. Good to make sure your 3D eyes don't fly off the 1st time your jig nails a tree .. but a piranha is likely going to make short work of it anyway. However, if peacocks can really see UV light, the UV epoxy might work in murky or stained conditions.

In the end, it appears that one has to have an opinion on what matters ... there are a lot of options out there with some common themes and not so common themes. All the jigs to your point may catch 100+ fish a day no matter what you chose. My objective is to determine if there is an advantage to different options, b/c I know I want to have the best chances when I go on my next trip.

Not to mention, it is a lot of fun for me to experiment and research options ... it is in my nature and I have the dedication to work on some of these items where some may not and would appreciate guidance that could be provided in these treads. I am a novice and some of the options above I would not have assumed mattered and I have learned from comments on this forum and researching others. For example, I have abandoned my use of knot2kinky leader material due to finding another more appealing option based on feedback.

In the end, my threads might seem nuanced and less important than others, but I am trying to learn, ask questions, post findings, and give the lurkers some incentive to join the PBA and tell me what a stupid idea it is to worry about UV paint and jig eye color!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:53 am Reply with quote
Dan Hanon
I dub thee, "Jigmeister Extraordinaire"!
PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:58 pm Reply with quote
Rick Klotz
I tend to agree with Dan. I'm not convinced the details matter too much. I had some original Amazon tied and painted jigs on my last trip. The first thing my guide did was pull out his trusty machete and scrape off all of the paint on the head down to the silver lead. "Good color he said when he was done."

I was catchig a few before he did that. Caught a few after. I can't say if one was better than the other. I can't imagine the eyes make too much difference. My two cents - Sorry Art.

As long as you're having fun who cares....
Which 3D Eye works best for these jig head colors? See Photo 
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