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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:17 am Reply with quote
Steve Townson
A client who bought some of our Stevie Stinger Jigs has just wrote to me with a report from his trip last week on the Uatuma. I have changed the weights he gave me from kgs to lbs.
Thought some might find this interesting:

Just got back from a week fishing Rio Uatuma. Trip was a total success even though the river is still a bit high. My fishing partner and I caught over 35- 40 Tucu’s per day ranging mostly in the 5-7lb range. As for big fish I managed one 10lb and one 19lb Tucanare.
First fish of the trip was on the 3rd cast – red/yellow jig.

The good results were due to two reasons:
1.We quickly figured out the pattern and favored vegetation the fish were relating to.
2.Your Jigs! 98% of the fish caught on the trip came on the jigs. To no surprise best colors were red/yellow, red/white and black/white. What was best is that the Tuc’s would fully eat the jigs which guaranteed a very good hook-set vs. other lures such as jerkbaits and rattle traps that they merely slapped at the bait.

I lost one fish on a jig because it was so big my 80# braid line snapped when I tried to keep it from running into the submerged brush as it towed the boat. We were able to recover the jig following the floating braided line only to find out the hook was straightened out. From seeing the fish jump the guide estimated that fish at 20+lbs ……uhhhh! That will keep me coming back.

Darn Piranhas! We ended the trip with only two jigs left!

So bottom line is that we were the only ones at the fishing camp that had your jigs and were catching 10 times more fish than any other fishermen in the camp. I have ordered more jigs from you and want to try them on lakes in Texas on the largemouth in the spring time. Our outfitting/guide service is going to place very large orders of your jigs for their future trips.

Thank you again for your great advice and for such a fantastic lure. Stay in touch and if you come through Austin, TX., I will gladly take you fishing.
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