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New Abu-Garcia Revo Inshore 
PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 2:10 pm Reply with quote
Went out to see one a few weeks ago at the largest fishing store in town and they didn't have one. Researched it further and bought one, sight unseen anyway. I know their products fairly well having used them for over 30 years and have had only one on water failure, a thumbar spring, years ago.

Went down to the lake a few days ago to get her wet and it really is a fine reel. Was throwing Yo-Zuri's and jigs with 65 lb Power Pro and there was plenty of line remaining for the fight.

Have been using 5600's for years in South America on my trips, totally trouble free. Last month I noticed a little cramping in my hand from cupping the reel so I figured if I switched to a low profile reel that would aleviate my problem. I'll find out next month when I return to Brazil.

Check out the stats on the Inshore:

6.4:1 12/175 which is 50lb/braid/175 yds
65lb/braid/153 yds
80lb/braid/144yds (if my conversion is correct)

It has a 24 lb drag system 2-3 times more powerful than any other reels in their class.

Weight 8.7 ozs. 6 stainless steel HPCR ball bearings + 1 roller

It also comes with an extra Power Handle in the box.

MSRP $229.95
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 10:54 am Reply with quote
John Gore
Have you pulled all the line off and measured it? I hook the end of my line to a nail in a tree, pull it all off and measure it. If you measure it I'd like to know how much it holds.
Sounds like it could be a great alternative. :wink:
ABU Revo Inshore 
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 10:51 pm Reply with quote

Here's the way I figured it, omiting the tree of course.

The manufacture states that it'll hold 175 yds of 12 lb mono.

Approx. dia. of 12 lb mono is .014
So if you multiply 175 x .014 = "s 2.45
50 lb braid is the approx. same dia. as 12 lb mono

65 lb braid is .016 dia. So pick a multiplier of 153.
.016 x 153='s 2.448
153 yds of 65lb Power Pro.

80 lb braid is .017 dia. Again, pick a multiplier of 144.
.017 X 144='s 2.448
144 yds of 80lb Power Pro

You gotta remember I took Algebra in 1958 & 1959.
So I sorta used the trial and error method to figure this out.
One of the guys at Power Pro told me that would put me right in the ball park!!!

I should be down there right now chunkin' and a windin' but my group got cancelled. We're going in March instead!!!

Good Luck to all!
New Abu-Garcia Revo Inshore 
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