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Rod Butt wrapping for comfort 
PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:30 pm Reply with quote
Rick Swain
I was talking to Larry last night and he thought I should post this. On my first trip in 96 I found that by day 3 my stomach was so sore from the rod butt I could hardly find a spot to rest the pole. I wasn't the only one. every trip there's several anglers that are showing off their war wounds and red or bruised areas. I know having the pole at your side eliminates this but depending on the rod and the butt length there's many fisherman that just prefer using the ol belly as the pivot point. I was determained on my next trip to have a solution for this....I did and have never had a sore spot since. Here's what I do. I buy several rolls of self adhesive 2" wide brown bandage, just like the old Ace bandage you used to use for a sprained ankle except it adheres to itself without needing those little chrome bandage hooks. I start wrapping the butt over and over criss-crossing it over itself till it looks like a little brown lightbulb approx 1 3/4" to 2 " dia. on the end of my pole. you'll definatly need to practice this before hand till you get it right and it doesn't start to get lop-sided looking. Lots of preasure when wrapping helps alot. I always take about 6 extra rolls with me in case someone wants me to wrap a pole or 2 for them, beleive me, I've had guys by the 3rd day thanking me like crazy for saving their belly from more abuse but the key is doing it from the start so you don't get any sore spots at all. I also wrap the pole in front of the reel where the reel nut is and build that area up as well as that's where I hold on to when ripping and fighting the fish. It's just something to try if your one of those people who holds the pole like I do, it's not for everyone but a blessing for many. Hope this helps someone, Rick Swain
Rod Butt wrapping for comfort 
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